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Open To It

So last day of work today! I am seriously going to miss it! Really! The people and the feeling and like you know everything! Really, I will! I guess it's job hunting. Not really feeling that vibe. Nah. I mean who does but I kinda need money and yeah, something to do. I can't just roam around for the rest of my life. Nah. It's summer so that means Gröna Lund and a bunch of concerts! Next Sunday I am going to with Linda to see Ke$ha and on July 27th The Wanted is coming to Sommar Krysset, which is taped at stora scenen (the big stage) on Gröna Lund. That's gonna be fun! Sometimes I feel like a bad Directioner for liking The Wanted. I mean I don't completely like them, just a few songs. 1D is a completely different story and yeah, um, yeah.

I know I am kind of on my guard when I meet new people. I mean I am not always like that. Some people you just immediately click with, you know what I am saying. Whether it's a best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend whatever some p…

Work, Work, Work and then Some Time to Play

Today has been a fun day at work. An okay day, more okay than usual. LOL. Nah but it was okay. While I had a break I went outside to charge my phone because you can't bring your phone inside. Anyway, I went outside to charge my phone. While I was bringing the charger out of my bag a security guy started walking up to me (I thought that he was going to tell me that I couldn't charge my phone there). He was so sweet and told me that I could charge my phone inside so that I didn't have stand out there alone. This other security guy said that i couldn't bring my phone inside but the the first security guy said it was okay since I need to charge my phone. Oh, how sweet. LOL, the second security guy came up to me a little bit later to make sure that I wasn't going to keep my phone with my once I finished charging it. He noticed my 1D and JB necklace and said that I was wearing something very wrong around my neck. I was like "Oh, you mean Directioner. And the JB stan…

Thank You

Hi. You know what? I wore a really cute outfit today but I didn't have time to take a picture of it before I had to leave this morning. Yeah, yeah! It was way cuter than what I wore yesterday. I mean what o wore yesterday was fine (I even asked what the people in SWD thought and they said that it was cute). It was cute but I just didn't feel like it was me but I wanted to wear it so I wore it. LOL. I was kind of scared that it would make me look like I was wearing PJ's but SWD didn't think so (LOL, the two people that commented on my photo didn't think so).

Anyway my outfit was really cute today. I got started down by a few people at work. They were looking at me while smiling (not in a creepy scary way, in a friendly way) so I was scared I might have stained my pants (which were white and, yeah, everything on white is more visible). Later one of the ladies came up to me and said that they were looking at me because they thought my outfit was cute. Then exactly aft…

It's Getting Hot In Here

OMG! Today has been along and hot day. Reminder to self: not to wear as warm clothes tomorrow. I didn't wear warm clothes, okay maybe my black leggings (okay maybe I should have worn shirts instead). Plus, I just check the weather prognosis for tomorrow and it's going to rain, why does that matter? Huh, I am going to be inside all day so maybe I can wear shorts anyway. Hmm. Eh, I'll just wait until tomorrow to see what the weather is like then.

I am glad the weather is good! I just wish I was in Cali instead, I mean is much more fun to got to the beach there compared to here. I remember the first time I went ti the beach in SB. I took off my shoes (because I was on the, that makes sense right?) but I had to put them back on because the sand was burning my feet! Seriously, I don't understand how the people playing volleyball didn't get burn injuries on their feet?! That, yeah that surprises me! It really does, cause I tried to fight it but I was too weak. LOL.

I had…

Right Back To Work

How are you all of my luvies? Good I hope. Hahaha, today I sat in the audience for some weird Swedish show that I'll probably won't watch when it airs on TV this fall. I'll probably just watch to see if I can see myself in audience. LOL. I am glad to get back to another show tomorrow. I've missed it. I hope it will be as fun as last week. I am going to bring my book (I am reading Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella) so that I have something to read on my way to work and on my way home. Especially on my way home 'cause my phone tend to die since I don't get a chance to charge all day, I mean I bring my charger with me plus I also work until usually around 9 PM. So that is, yeah kind late and I am not usally home until 10:30 PM.

I want to buy a hat. I think that it would be a cute accessory. I saw a few at TGR in Sollentuna Centrum (okay, not hat related but a funny story. Before I had to be at studio today I went to Sollentuna Centrum and I went to Lindex just be…

CODY SIMPSON - Pretty Brown Eyes [Official Video]



YOLO peeps! Kinda in a good mood. LOL, I talked to a friend and got some necessary things of my chest. I jus needed to talk to someone about that thing. LOL so now that's over I am just sitting here blogging, messaging on facebook and listening to Demi Lovato. Gosh, that woman is amazing!

Tomorrow I have to working again! That is exciting 'cause I'll have something to do. Yeah and amen to that. I mean not that I didn't have anything to do today. I had to go shopping. Some necessary had to be bought. Yeah, day cream and makeup remover pads are necessary . Yeah, I mean if you ask a fangirl like me. Okay those things are not fangirl related but, yeah LOL. Just me being me I guess.

I did my nails earlier tonight since I have to work tomorrow. I mean I want to look pretty and you, gotta represent. YOLO. White with a silver tip. Gosh, talking about shopping, I need to buy new nail polish remover. Hmmm, I like the one's they have at CVS but unfortunately we don't have…

Demi Lovato - Really Don´t Care Feat. Cher Lloyd (Audio)


Seriously I am just so done with some bullshit going on. Just done with it. It's been going on for too long and I don't feel like being the nice girl anymore. Pretend that it's all okay. R.I.P. is what I say. Bye, bye and you're out of my life. Sad, yeah maybe but you should have thought about it before you started acting like such an asshole. I am just done. I have no feelings towards it, just simply done.

Seriously next week I am working a lot! Six days out of seven. Okay it's not, six full days. Okay maybe five of them are. Hopefully they'll need me every single day 'cause then I'll be coming home late ate night. It's fun, in a way. Having a job means that I am preoccupied, 'cause when I am not working or not in school I am so bored. Yeah, yeah I am bored in school but at least I'll have something to do.

Sometimes I feel like I want to color my hair. I have only done it once and it was pretty close to my natural hair color so I don't …

Midsummer Nights Eve

Hi! So it's midsummer. I haven't done much really. I mean I went and saw The Bling Ring with Linda. I mean everything is like closed so what else is there to do. Anyway it was good. I noticed that in the begging of the movie that Sam was wearing a bra from Victoria's Secret that I also have! LOL. I love watching movies and the realizing that I have the same clothes in my closet. Or as when I was in the United States, when I saw clothes on TV and then in a store. Which is kind of weird also, because I remember that I saw this sweater at Macy's and thought that I am never going to buy it and then I saw Bridigt Mendler wearing it on Good Luck Charlie. Well, I still thought I am not going to buy it but my first reaction when I saw it on TV was "Hey! That's that sweater from Macy's!" When I saw it at Macy's next time I was there I was like "Hey, it's actually kinda cute!" Long story short, I bought the sweater 'cause I realized that i…

Release You

YOLO, boys and girls what are ya doing? I just finished watching an episode of 90210 'cause I haven't watch it since I was in the US. Gosh, I miss Cali. Hmm, I need to figure things out before I deiced to move back or whatever I want to do. 'Cause I don't know sometimes I just feel that life is so boring here, no offense to anyone, plus what to I have here that I have to stay for? It's just how I feel. Like people here don't understand me. Life is just more fun there, I just feel more free. If I ever move back I have to try more things, like try it all! Vegas, YES definitely. I want to go to Vegas and party hard, really hard! I mean it's Vegas, what else is there to do there? No, seriously please tell me, 'cause I have no idea. seriously no idea.

I miss being young in America, being in Sweden twice a year. Hmm. I don't that was the dream. I mean it still is but I have other dreams. I know that I really want to take screenwriting classes, 'cause …

CODY SIMPSON - Summertime Of Our Lives [Official Video]


Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop


Keeping Up

I am sitting here watching Glee and waiting for it to be over. LOL. I love Glee but I want to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Wanted Life. I like Glee but I just want to catch up on those two shows. LOL. I've started watching some shows online because I don't know when they premiere in Sweden. I like the Kardashians, they're a funny bunch!

Seriously have been so bored today since I didn't have to work today. Seriously I wouldn't have had cared if I had to work. I mean I would have had something to do plus I wouldn't had had to be home all day. Not that I was home all day. I had to get a new cable for my phone. I told you about it last night that the cable didn't work. I assumed that it was the cable, I wasn't sure if it was the phone or the cable but fortunately it was the cable. Pfff, relieved. 'Cause I talked to a the guy at the Tele2 store and he said that if I have turn in my phone to be repaired it can take up to four weeks for it…

Trying 2 Figure Things Out

Hi guys! I am bored! Hmm, I am trying to figure out what to do for midsummer which is on Friday. I really don't feel like being home. Hmm, what to do is the question? I am not working tomorrow so I have all day to try to figure that out. I want to do something fun. What is everyone doing on midsummer? I mean that's if you even celebrate it that will say.

Tomorrow I have to some phone store and check my iPhone 'cause it won't freaking charge. Hmm, I think that it is the cable and the not phone. Hopefully 'cause then I can just get a new cable. I mean I don't want to have turn in my phone 'cause then I'll be phone less for I don't know how long.

your writer, Erika

It's a Hard Knock Life

I am so glad I work long days but today I don't think that my feet agree, maybe I shouldn't have worn heels. LOL. Yeah, you learn from you mistakes I guess. Tomorrow it's a dress and ballerina slippers. I wanted to wear the dress today but for some reason I decided that "No, I want to wear pants and a shirt." Cute outfit though but I was unsure what the weather was going to be like but seriously why does that matter? The weather I mean, 'cause I am inside all day. Hmm, a dress it is. It's going to be 18 degrees celsius and cloudy tomorrow. Between 9 and 18 degrees. But yeah, the weather isn't always that predictable. We'll see, we'll see. It's too late to do laundry anyway.

In one way in can't wait to go to work tomorrow in another not so much. But I am earning some cash and that's always good. So I guess I'll have to suck it up. It's not that bad, it's just that I am not used to having a job. I mean in the US I wasn…

Explaining Fangirlism

Sometimes I wish that I lived back in Cali 'cause seriously I am so bored with my life here. Not bored I just feel like, I don't know, I just feel like life was more fun there. I often think That it's more fun being young in Cali but while I was there I missed Sweden and all the familiarity of everything that I know. I was more independent there. I mean I have other dreams apart from college. I don't know, but I just want to find myself a little bit more which I am desperately trying to do. I love being a fangirl 'cause you meet the most amazing people and get endless support whenever but I am starting to feel like I should chill a little bit on that. But it's hard and people don't understand, except other fangirls. If I explain it all to you you won't understand, you will say that it's not the same as the "real" thing. But that is the real thing. Though I haven't had any fangirl feels the last couple of weeks because as I said I am tr…

Perrie Edwards Style

Hi guys. So I am just sitting here watching Comedy Central since there is nothing else on TV that I want to watch or have already seen plus I finished the first season of Game of Thrones. So I mean I am bored right now, I am going to continue with the second season tomorrow. I am also start watching Nashville and some other show that are like months behind in Sweden or are just showed during weird times when can't watch. So this summer is going to be alot of catching up on shows. Awww, reminds me of when I moved to SB. I had to catch upon TV shows since Sweden TV channels are not synced with American TV channels. Plus I had not TV at first, so what else to do, am I right (holla)!

I went back to TGR today just to see if they had the flower wreath back in stock and guess what?! They did, so I bought one. While I was trying it on in the store a women told me that I looked really cute in it. How sweet! I wore this white ballerina dress with flower wreath in my hair when I went to Alex…

Flower Child

I just have this feeling that it's going to be a great summer. I don't know why but for some reason I just feel like this summer is going to kick all the other summer's ass. It's going to top last summer. I mean last summer was pretty amazing, like hello I moved California. That's pretty amazing! Though this summer is going to be amazing next summer is going to be even better. Ya know 1D in London! YOLO! OMG! I can't freaking wait! Where We Are Tour, Harry Potter World, Madame Tussauds and loads of shopping! Harrods here I come! OMFG, Victotrias Secret here I come (since we don't have VS in Sweden, well we do but the store is at Arlanda Treminal 5 after you have passed through security)! Hmmm, yeah loads of shopping! Traveling, shopping and concerts that's what being yong is all about! Kinda, you got to have fun!

I went TGR in Sollentuna Centrum today and I saw this flower wreath that I thought was kind of cute. I took a picture of myself with it and th…

Summer Fun

YOLO! Today I hung out with the amazing Linda. She informed me that Ke$ha is coming to Gröna Lund! Seriously, why didn't I know that?! I am so happy that I am not working that day! There are so many concerts this summer that I want to go to, I am either working that day or they are sold out. I am working the day The Script is coming! Seriously! They are amazing, I love them. Anyway, at least I get to see Ke$ha.

I am actually excited to work this summer. I mean, I will have something to do. Also I will feel more responsible plus earning some money is never a bad thing. I have decided that I will put away half of what I will earn toward London next year. Yeah, I know flying to London (from Stockholm) is not expensive in comparison to flying to Los Angeles, which is on the other side of the world. I want to fly British or some other good airline plus I am not going to fly with some airline where I have to change flights. Like c'mon, I flying to London. LONDON, which is just about…

A Good Time

Hi guys so what are you all up to? Me, nah I am just sitting here trying to figure out what to write. Hmmm. Tralala. Oh, yeah! Tomorrow The Carrie Diaries premieres in Sweden! Yeah! I haven't seen it yet 'cause I actually prefer to watch TV series on the TV and not the computer. Sometimes, well you have to watch some shows on the computer because you don't know when they'll premiere in where you live 'cause it's shown in some weird order on TV and is several seasons behind. LOL. KUWTK. Hahaha. Tomorow I gonna watch a few more episodes of Games of Thrones and an episode from season two of Khloé and Lamar. I am going to work on Sunday so I am going to miss it. I am also going to miss RIX FM festival in Kungsträdgården. Olly Murs, Anton Ewald and several others. Plus before the concert actually starts all the artist are having exclusive meet and greets/ cd signings. Why (do I have to work)?!

Nah, I am sure I am going to have a fun weekend. I know one major reason …

One Single Day

So today (um tonight since it's almost 11:30 PM) you'll get a written post instead of a vlog as last night. YOLO. Hahaha, I don't know. So what have you all been doing today? Me not much. I mean I went shopping and the in the afternoon I kinda worked out. What I mean with "kinda" is that it kinda failed. I mean I was going to jog but then I was like "Fuck that shit! This shit is boring!" (I mean c'mon jogging is so freaking boring, like no please - so why do I do it is the question?) Anyway, I went for a speeded walk in the forest. There's this track. I haven't walked there for a while so I was like "Why not?", right? Anyway I forgot how long it was. I was like "Isn't his shit over soon?!" I hate jogging it's like the most boring form of excise! The thing is that I actually like jogging on a treadmill, that's fun weird enough. I need to hit the gym or something but the thing is I go outside and jog instead of …

Video Blog: Awkward, Random, Goofy & Weird


Little Miss Provocateur

I was flipping through the pages of the June issue of Cosmopolitan UK, the issue with Khloe Kardashian Odom on the cover, and I saw these amazing swimsuits and bikinis. Like my dayum! I would look so hot in them! I want them so bad but they are not exactly cheap but I still want them. The bikini, which is from Samantha Sage Swimwear, is so cute. It's adorable! The swimsuit, which is from Agent Provocateur, is more sexy! Plus you can style it in different ways. So cool! They both come in multiple colors. The bikini comes in 11 different colors and the swimsuit comes two colors, red and black but I want the red one.

Samantha Sage Swimwear

Agent Provocateur

OMG! I also found two sweatshirts that I want. Not in Cosmopolitan UK. No on esty and ebay. You, 'cause I am fangirl I got…

Around The World

Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians is not good! I miss Cali. LOL, but when I am in Cali I miss Europe. Hmm. Maybe I should move to London. Australia? LOL, that's even further away. Whatevs! I am not going to school next semester. What I'll be doing I haven't quite figured out. YOLO. Work I guess but I mean other than that. No, I don't know. All know it's summer now and I am going to try to enjoy my time the best way I can. I am also going to try not to over think the little things that upsets me, which is alot easier said than done. 'Cause I tend to do that alot. Hmmm.

I feel so free! I mean no school, like what the heck am I going to do. Have fun! I want to go the beach but the beach here is not the same as in Cali. Gosh I miss. It's a different way there. Things are just different. Hmm. Maybe someday (obviously) I'll go back there. I need to. I'll buy a house in Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica or something. I don't know. Maybe in The Hills.…

Too Cool 4 School

YOLO! I was going to do a video but I didn't as you can see. LOL. I might do on tomorrow.

Happy happy news! I am finally done with school for this semester! 1900 words (exactly) long essay! Badamn! Yeah! Hmmm, I wonder what my teacher will think of the essay. Whatever, i am done with school for this semester and I am not going back to that school. I don't want to go to school in Sweden anymore. I think, not sure yet. It was fun at SBCC. Now there are some drama at SMC, I just hope that everyone is alright. I read something on facebook that a friend who goes there posted and that I read on twitter and then I saw the school had posted on its official facebook. I found out more from what my friend wrote and twitter. Lets just hope everyone is alright.

your writer, Erika

Our Moment

Seriously I had no internet for like two whole hours! Two whole hours! OMG! I was so bored! I couldn't write on my essay which is due tomorrow at midnight! About 600 words to go. OMG! But I am not going to write on it now. I mean my internet was down for two whole hours so I had to (yes HAD TO) catch up on whatever I had missed. Which was a lot! Mean, 1D had a press conference today for their debut perfume called Our Moment! Gosh, you have no idea how long I have been waiting for this! A 1D perfume (I have blogged about it before, the #ONEBIGANNOUNCEMENT?)! I am so freaking happy! But they're releasing so many things these next couple of months! Don't get me wrong. I am extremely proud and happy for them but it's I hope that I can afford them all. I think I am going to pre-order everything so that I just get it when it comes out so I won't sit there with a frown my face. Smart idea, right!

Tomorrow, oh my gosh, I really have to write on my essay. But I also kinda n…

Hard Work

I guess I owe you some kind of post. LOL. Tomorrow I have an casting so I have been practicing a monologue for it for a few hour now. My throat is kind of sore. No, it's more that my voice is hoarse. I had to get a glass of water to drink in-between every time that I read the monologue. Now I hope that I still have my voice in the morning. LOL.

It's going to be fun to meet the my 1D family this weekend. I think that I am going to be the oldest the. Like Mama Directioner or something. LOL. The weather app on my phone says that it going to be sunny but a little cloudy. The temperature is going to be 22 degrees.

your writer, Erika

SWD Q&A 31/5-2013



I guess you deserve a post. I am going to try do quick 'cause I want to practice my monologue. I know it by heart but I want to make them sound like they are my own. I like not just some text that I rehearsed. Hmm. I hope that I do well. I hope I don't jinx it. But how would I jinx it? I don't know I am weird like that. Like I would describe myself as a weird awkward person. So please don't be afraid. Hahaha. An animal at the zoo (what am I talking about? OMG I really am weird). But I guess that's more how I feel about myself. I don't feel bad about it 'cause it's who I am and why should I feel bad about myself? I mean about me being me.

There is this Directioner thing this weekend. Just a bunch of Directioner getting together. I am going. I looking forward to meeting everyone. I thinking about baking cupcakes or maybe a sponge cake (hmmm, is that the correct/ word term?). I want make the cake look like a rainbow. That'd be fun.

your writer, Erika

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop (Audio)


Pretty Is Just A Pretty Word

YOLO! How are you all doing? Hahaha, I was looking at my selfies in my phone 'cause I want a new profile picture on facebook. Scrolling through the pictures I was like (selfishly) think "Damn I am cute". Sometimes I feel that about myself but other I am like staring at myself in the mirror and am like "Oh I want to capture this cute moment that I am having" so I get my phone. Then the picture is like just "Oh so you think that you are cute?! You should be a comedian 'cause that's some hilarious shit!". From one hundred to a zero in less then a second. Anyone else out there who can relate? I mean through I have moment when I think "Damn! I am beautiful!" I also have moments where I think "Why can't I look like the girls in the magazines. I want to be beautiful, like who am I kidding."

I mean yes in general I got to say I am pretty content with myself but I guess that there always thing that  I want to change. Not about m…


Okay so I went looking at that Adidas hat (I told you about that, right?). Anyway, I would it. Not at the Adidas store but at a couple of Stadium stores. Unfortunately they only had it in size L. Hmm, I am not sure if I want it in a size L. Plus I really don't wear, hats that often. I like them and they look cool. So, i wish that I could wear them. Maybe when I am famous I'll wear one with a pair of big Chanel sunglasses, you know Olsen style. 'Cause YOLO.
Do you watch Random Making Movies on youtube? If you're Swedish or know Swedish (that works as well). Well, anyway watch their latest video!

your writer, Erika

Super Bass/ Billionaire/ Baby Medley


Drake - The Motto (Explicit) ft. LIL WAYNE, Tyga



Happy first day of summer! How has your day been? Mine has been good! I went shopping! Yup, yes I did. I got a t-shirt at H&M. I saw it about a month ago and never bought (I loved it then too). Oh, yeah now I remember why I never bought it because it was like a few days before the 1D concert and I was like, thought to myself that I didn't want to buy it 'cause I want to be loaded at the 1D concert so that I could buy a bunch of merch. LOL, which I did. Okay not I a bunch 'cause as you probably know by now I am not a billionaire. Sorry if that shocked your illusion of me. But you know that I have to be honest. Anyway (enough with the fake crap) I bought a t-shirt, key change and a necklace. Anyway (again, keep getting of track), long story short, I didn't buy the t-shirt then 'cause I wanted to have money for the concert.

Seriously I at go to five different H&M's to find the t-shirt in my size! I would have ordered it online but it was out of stock there…