Keeping Up

I am sitting here watching Glee and waiting for it to be over. LOL. I love Glee but I want to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Wanted Life. I like Glee but I just want to catch up on those two shows. LOL. I've started watching some shows online because I don't know when they premiere in Sweden. I like the Kardashians, they're a funny bunch!

Seriously have been so bored today since I didn't have to work today. Seriously I wouldn't have had cared if I had to work. I mean I would have had something to do plus I wouldn't had had to be home all day. Not that I was home all day. I had to get a new cable for my phone. I told you about it last night that the cable didn't work. I assumed that it was the cable, I wasn't sure if it was the phone or the cable but fortunately it was the cable. Pfff, relieved. 'Cause I talked to a the guy at the Tele2 store and he said that if I have turn in my phone to be repaired it can take up to four weeks for it to get fixed. Like no! i can't live without my phone for four weeks. Life without a smart phone is no life at all!

your writer, Erika


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