Perrie Edwards Style

Hi guys. So I am just sitting here watching Comedy Central since there is nothing else on TV that I want to watch or have already seen plus I finished the first season of Game of Thrones. So I mean I am bored right now, I am going to continue with the second season tomorrow. I am also start watching Nashville and some other show that are like months behind in Sweden or are just showed during weird times when can't watch. So this summer is going to be alot of catching up on shows. Awww, reminds me of when I moved to SB. I had to catch upon TV shows since Sweden TV channels are not synced with American TV channels. Plus I had not TV at first, so what else to do, am I right (holla)!

I went back to TGR today just to see if they had the flower wreath back in stock and guess what?! They did, so I bought one. While I was trying it on in the store a women told me that I looked really cute in it. How sweet! I wore this white ballerina dress with flower wreath in my hair when I went to Alex birthday party earlier. I like the dress it's cute but I don't wear it that often so I have been thinking about giving it away but people said that they loved my dress so maybe I'll keep it. Plus I also noticed that I kinda looked like Perrie Edwards in that outfit. I mean the outfit was kinda Perrie inspired, 'cause I look nothing like Perrie (unfortunately).

your writer, Erika


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