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"A" Is For Austin

YOLO! I went to Stadium today and saw this awesome hat! I don't often wear hats but this one was super cool and I want it. But the problem is that there was only one left in size large. The only one left plus I can't find it on their website. Hmmm. I'll have to go to the Adidas store in Stockholm this weekend. I am going there (to Stockholm) anyway 'cause I want to buy this t-shirt at H&M. I saw it a couple of weeks ago so I hope that they still have it. Good that I took a picture of it! I just had to instagram it 'cause the "A" made me think of Austin. Gosh I want this one so bad!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the semester! Gosh, finally! Hallelujah! I have a few jobs lined up for this summer. Hopefully I'll book some more things.

Have a fun weekend Sweetees! Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel so that you don't miss the Q&A video and my monologue tomorrow!

your writer,…

Words Late At Night

It's late so yeah I guess you want to hear from me. Yeah. I don't know what to say here. Yeah. Well, last day for the semester is on Friday but I have paper that I have to write. Don't really want to though. Hmmm, guess that's life sometimes. A bitch named school. A have another assignment that is due tomorrow. I have to write a bibliography. I think I can manage that. I kinda don't get the assignment though.

I really have to work on my monologue tomorrow. It's Mean Girls, I love that movie so I want the monologue to be great. It's going to be as good as I can make it. Hmmm. Practice. I have to watch me old videos. Maybe watch the movie version of the monologue. I might do the Q&A video tomorrow night. Or on Friday, 'cause mom won't be home then. I mean I have planned some things for the video and I can't do them while she's at home. I mean I can but she'll be in the way.

Here are my two previous monologues.


A Cinderella Story


Hi guys! What's up? LOL. I posted a teaser video for my Mean Girls monologue in both the swedish and the norwegian Directioners group (I will post the full/ new version on Friday). People in both groups say that I am good but whether I sound american or not. The swedes think so but not the norwegians. Eh, who cares? I need to work on it I know but they all understand me and think that I am good at english! So yeah to that. I am not going to post the teaser on youtube, it's just for the people in SWD and ND. YOLO. So yeah I'll be posting the monologue on Friday on my youtube channel onenineninethree and will also be doing another Q&A video. So hit me with questions and I'll try to answer as many as possible. If you want me to do something, like a dare, tell me!

Watch Jessie J's new music video WILD.

your writer, Erika

Where We Are

I am obesessed with Conor Maynard's performance at Radio 1's Big Weekend. Seriously that man is a genius! I just love seeing him perform live. It's through a screen but it's live. I wish that I could have been there at iTunes Festival in London last fall to watch him perform live. I had to manage that I was in Santa Barbara and watch the performance live on my computer. He was amazing. I loved iTunes Festival. Conor, Jessie J, One Direction. Hmm, I can't remember who else I watch? Yeah, JSL who Conor opened for but who opened 1D and Jessie J? I don't remember. Oh, I want to go back there. One day, one day. Hopefully soon. LOL.

This is the last week of school for the semester! Hell yeah! Sweetees what are y'all doing this summer? Yeah, Imma call ya Sweetees, got a problem with that hmmm. Nah, I will call you that unit you come up with something better. Plus I think it's cute! So, my question - what's everyone doing this summer? Me, I don't anythi…

Isac Elliot - New Way Home



YOLO! I have been kinda half spamming the fandom groups with my youtube channel and the links to monologues. LOL. I want to know what people think. Like seriously. I am kinda desperate for that right now. Also and I want people to watch them. So far I haven't got any negative feedback. The only good feedback that I have gotten so far is likes. Pretty please watch my monologues on youtube, I made blooper video today, I posted it today to be correct. I thought that it was going to be funnier but the bloopers weren't that funny. Hmmm, the one with Niall Horan is. LOL.

My next monologue is going to be from Mean Girls. I hope people like it. I started studying the lines today. I am going to post the monologue on youtube on Friday. I have memorized the monologue before. Half memorized it. Everyone loves Mean Girls. It's a freaking classic! LOL. Hopefully I'll do a good job.

your writer, Erika


You are OFFICALLY my Sweetees! Get it! You know because Bieber fans are called Beliebers you are my Sweetees, with two ee's (instead of "ie", still pronounced the same way) becasue my intitals are ee. Cool huh?! But as soon as I posted that in SWD everyone started commenting their fandom names and they were so cool. Not everyone has something associated with they names. Some names that people posted were Belles, Dreamers (not name associated, I like that one and kinda which I came up with it first but I want something name associated) and Zarrisarna. What do you think? Is Sweetees a good name for a fandom? Each fan would then be a Sweetee. LOL. These are the things I am wishfully thinking about. Wishfully.

But since the fandom is called Sweetees, which has a sweetness to it kind of means I can't such a wild child. Hmm. Well, I am not so that is one thing that I can check off my list. LOL. There is a difference between being a wild child and having fun. Different type…


One week left. One week left. OMG, I can't wait. One week left of school! School's out summer's in! I drink to that! Yup! LOL. What I am going to do this summer, I don't know. We'll see. Just wait and see.

I uploaded my second monologue today. LOL. I hope that I am not embarrassing myself by posting these monologues online. I want feedback. I am not doing anything to complicated, I think. I know that I could probably do it better. I do a few videos before I feel like I have one that is good enough to post. Here is the monologue and please give me feedback.

your writer, Erika

Hard Work

Today has been a long day. Well it feels like it anyway. I have been to two casting agencies today. It was fun, I guess. It's just pretty standard stuff. I was a little bit late to my second appointment but only like seven minutes. They didn't seem angry or anything. Good. I was late because there was something wrong with the subway. It took me 30 minutes from Centralen to Skanstull instead of like eight minutes. So annoying! Good thing that I have an iPhone so that I could watch music videos. When I came home I went for a jog. Good thing since it started raining later.

I was watching the "Union J - Close Up with" video earlier and I really think that George was trying to kill me with his video. I love George! I am totally a George girl! "There is no such thing as a sexy George!" Well Rihiannon you were wrong 'cause I found my sexy George! Oh, in case you didn't catch that it was a quote from the movie Easy A. 'Cause George Shelley is sexy. I re…

I Am Trying

Today I have been to school and then I came home got bored and started studying my monologue for this weekend. It's going well. I just realized that it's Wednesday and that I don't have many days left to practice. I mean I have it memorized I just have to practice my acting, practice how to act the monologue or however you say it. English is not my first language. LOL. But it's funny though how the people in SWD say that I speak perfect english, like with an America accent but when I lived in America people constantly asked me "Is that an accent I hear?". But that was then, so it can be that I have learn from living there. I that I picked it up from living there. Like I didn't then but I do now, do get what I am trying to say 'cause I am like the worst at explaining things. EVER.

I want to learn how to do a british accent. Maybe, I should move there? But what if my "american accent" disappears. I mean instead of having an "american acce…



Dare To Dream

Have you watched my monologue yet? Subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss anything! Subscribe here. I am going to upload another monologue next week. Next weekend. I need to give myself time to practice. I am going to do a monologue from Clueless, the movie not the tv-series. The monologue is said by Cher in the movie. Yeah. Here is the link to the monologue from A Cinderella Story.

OMG! Today seven years ago Conor Maynard joined youtube under the username Skillzaisherebooya. It was trending on twitter. It was number four when I first saw it but then I started tweeting like a Mayniac and it got to number one. Yeah, I don't now single handedly get it to number one. Hmmm, a bunch of other Mayniacs also tweeted. But I tweeted a like a Mayniac. Conor also tweeted it about, so cute.

I mean I think Conor, I mean every time that I hear him sing I just get even more blown away than the last time. He is absolutely amazing. Check out these two covers that he has posted on his…

Eurovision Song Contest 2013

OMG! Time just flies by while you're watching ESC. LOL. It is just that there is so many countries competing. I really hope that Robin Stjernberg will win with You for Sweden. Hahaha, I wonder what SVT will say then. I mean since they barely could afford it this year. Christer Björkman has it several times that Robin can't win because they can't afford it. WTF!? Like seriously get MONEY! I mean it is bad when you say that your own country can win. I mean don't you have faith in Robin and in our great nation.

Right now I am sitting here and patiently waiting on who/ which country will win. Apparently Denmark is a favorite. Hmm. I think that Robin should win. Some people in SWD want Ireland to win because of some old tweet from Niall Horan. Apparently he tweeted something two years ago that if Ireland would win he would run naked down the streets of Stockholm. He didn't specify when exactly. LOL. He will never  do that.

your writer, Erika

A Cinderella Story

Everybody "YOLO!". LOL. I am kind of bored. Bored. I can't wait for next Saturday though! Yeah! Where We Are Tour ticket release! London here I come! It's going to be insane! Near 100 000 people. That's a massive crowd! I am so excited for them! Hopefully I will be that successful in whatever I choose to do with my life. Hopefully. I just got to work hard and believe in myself (which I very hard, I am my biggest critic and I give myself very hard critic). LOL.

Oh yeah, I guess you want to hear a little bit more about my life than me declaring my love for One Direction over and over again. LOL. But I just LOVE them so much. Like, yeah! Anyway back to my life, I mean this blog is after all called "Erika's World" and not "One Direction's World". I bet I would have a lot more readers if I blogged about 1D instead of myself. Damn, I did it again. Okay, for real this time. MY LIFE.

Today I went to a casting agency and got my pictures taken f…

Where We Are

YOLO! The day of the One Big Announcement. I mean it has already been announced. So what's your thoughts? Are you disappointed or super excited? I mean I didn't think that they were going to announce another tour while they were on tour, I didn't 'cause it seemed a little weird at first but now when I have realized how huge this is. OMG! I just have to see then on the Where We Are Tour! It's going to be insane!!! Bigger and better show! Fuck yeah! I am so proud of them! So proud to call myself a Directioner! YOLO! I haven't decided whether I want to see them in Dublin or on London. I mean Niall is from Ireland and I have never been there but so fall Wembley Stadium is the biggest stadium on the tour and it would be cool the see that show. Hell yeah! I am speechless this so f***ing incredible! So proud to be calling myslef a Directioner today! I can't stress that enough!!! I mean also who's gonna stop me! B**** I am 20 I do what the f*** want (okay, I do…

Super Bass

OMG! Hi, there was something I was going to write, that I forgot but now I remember it. All good, need to freak out. Yao. (Hahaha, spaced out for like 10 minutes or so.) I looked at my nails earlier and I was like "I need to put another coat on.". I mean just to make them look "new" again if you get what I mean. But then I was like that's no idea since I have "photo shoot" or what the heck you should call it, it's not really a photo shoot. I am just going to get my picture taken for this agency. She told me on the phone today that should dress simple, not much make up and all the usual. So I guess that apples to my nails. I mean green nails. Hahahaha, yao no. French, guess is acceptable.

Hmmm. Anyways. I wil be posting my monologue on Friday. I almost don't want to do it because I am scared. I don't know why. Just sacred. I have practiced too much not to upload it. LOL. Here's a little something while you are waiting.

YOLO! Don't f…

Girls Love Beyonce


My Future Has 1D

OMG! I forgot to blog yesterday. Oooops! I don't know I guess that I got caught up in something else. YOLO. Hahaha, anyway. I don't know what to write. Hmmm, awkward. Lalala. Life of a directioner who's got one thing on her mind (yolo, I laughed so hard at that, only will directioners get that). I love looking at 1D pictures on instagram. YOLO. I don't follow any accounts I just click on my own tags and see what other people have uploaded. So funny.

OMG. I found this funny thing where you type in five crushes, five cars, five colors and so on. I did it, my five crushes were the boys from 1D. LOL. Anyway look at my result. LOL. Liam this is what is in our future. It's fate, so why not get together now? Seriously, can you imagine Erika Payne, doesn't that sound good. Hmm, I'll ask my 1D family.

your writer, Erika

Harry, Niall and I

Hey yo people! What's up? You know that picture that I posted yesterday of Niall in front of the Berlin wall at the same place as I have taken a picture. Huh, anyway a girl in a SWD group showed me a vine of Harry at the place and now I am completely le dead. I made two other collages. One with just Harry and I and one with all three of us.

your writer, Erika

Fangirl Moment

OMG! Today has been a good day. LOL. You know that One Direction played in berlin tonight earlier today they were out having fun seeing some sights. Niall instagramed this picture of himself in front of the Berlin wall at the East Side Gallery. Since I've been there I new exactly that he where the picture had been taken. Plus seriously I didn't even know until then that they had a concert there tonight. LOL. Anyhow, since I've been there I just had to look at my pictures from the East Side Gallery and OMG, I had taken a picture at the same place as Niall. OMG! Fangirl moment! Total fangirl moment! Ahhhhhhh! I just wish the we were in the same picture. LOL. I think that it's really cool!

Also some girls from the Swedish Directioner's linked these gifs in the group. They are all from the concert Wednesday night.

your writer, Erika

A Little Message


TMHT Videos

I have finally uploaded the videos on youtube from the One Direction concert. It's only four video. i filmed the twitter questions (where they sang I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys),  Moments, Little Things and Rock Me (or fuck me, LOL Swedish Dircetioners are a little crazy). At first I only wanted to film twitter questions and Little Things (because it is such a beautiful song) but when they started sining Moments I was like "I have to film this!!!!". Then I wanted to film Rock Me if people would sing "fuck me" instead of "rock me" I just wanted to have that on video. LOL. You can't see the boys because I was in the back and I couln't zoom but the sound is great. You can hear them very clearly.

Little Things

Rock Me
Listen clearly during the first verse because people are sining "Fuck Me" instead of "Rock Me".


Twitter questions
At 0:16 they start to sing I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys.

your writer…

Take Me Home

OMG! Last night was unbelievable! Totally incredible! Like DAYUM!!! Hahaha! I just have this new found love for them! I just love them so much! When they showed the This Is Us trailer on the big screens in the beginning I started to cry. I mean seriously I can't help it! Especielly when they show that part when Zayn is talking to his mom. OMG! Like, I feel them! I also cried when they showed the prank videos on the big screen. I cried when the little girl hugged to Louis in the fat suit. Okay, Louis at some market disguised in a fat suit and holding this big sign saying "FREE HUGS!!!" and barely anyone wanted to hug him. He went up to people, chased some people down the street and they just ignored him. Then this little girl walked by and Louis said "free hugs" so she hugged him. Then he said that he had to confess something. He took off the hat and face mask and told her that he wad Louis from One Direction. She just stood there shocked. After that he gave her…

The Day B4 The 1D Concert

OMG! I can't believe that it's tomorrow! I get to see all five of my boyfriends onstage preform live. Live in concert baby! OMG! I am like freaking like out like here! Ahhhh! I am so so so thankful that I got this ticket for my birthday! I probably wouldn't have seen them tomorrow night. Ahhhh! I remeber back in February when I was standing outside the 1D World Store in Stockholm waiting for it to open. I remember hearing people talking about going to the concert and I didn't even know which date it was then 'cause I wasn't going. I was like trying to convince myself that I wasn't going to the concert. Hmm, see how well it worked with Bieber. Good thing that I saw him in LA last year, otherwise I don't know what would have had happened. LOL.

I wonder what I am going to buy tomorrow. Hmmm. I want to buy a cute little bag or something. That was until I looked at the official tour mercy. OMG I am going to go broke. Hahaha. At the Bieber concert I spent lik…

I Can't Even

Seriously! I almost (I said almost) can't stand looking at One Dircetion pictures right now! It seriously breaks my heart that I won't meet them when they come here (okay, never say never plus FRIDA haven't announced their winner yet). Like I want to meet them so bad. Seriously, when I meet them I will cry so hard. I don't care if my mascara is running, if I am on some famous TV show and the meet will end up on youtube and I will be made fun of. At least I got to meet them. Plus who cares if it would end up on youtube. I say "Yeah" because then I will have the whole thing on video. I would single handedly get they video up to a million views pretty quick. LOL. I would fangirl over and over and over and um, yeah you get the point. LOL!

Since I can't look at One Direction pictures or listen to 1D music without bursting into tears like a baby right now I switch to Bruno Mars. Just for a little while. I mean I choose 1D over Bruno but I still absolutely love …

Swedish Mayniacs

I created a group on facebook for all the Swedish Conor Maynard fans. Join the Swedish Mayniacs if you're a Mayniac and Swedish and if you understand our crazy language. LOL. I mean Norwegians are welcome, Danish, Poerto Ricans anyone is welcome as long as you understand Swedish since it's a Swedish group.

This is the header for the group. What do you think? I just took a picture and downloaded a font from dafont :)

LOL. He really is a Mayniac but he is our kind of Mayniac. LOL. I just love looking at Conor Maynard gifs! He is so random. LOL. I love it because I can be kind of random like that. That's just when I am bored. I break out in some kind of crazy dance move or pretend that I am the greatest opera singer to walk on this earth. LOL. That is why the Mayniac fandom is perfect for me. LOL.

your writer, Erika


Hi what's up! Gosh, I have been home day working on this stupid essay. Gosh, it' so freaking boring. I mean I rather do something else (like hanging out with Bieber) but I signed up for this and I am going ti finish this which means I also have to do the work. YOLO (not that that really makes any sense in this context).

Haha, anyway next week awaits more exciting things, like the One Direction concert. Woop woop! I wonder if everyone is going to do all of the crazy things that has been decided to do at the concert. By everyone I mean the Directioners (including myself). Some things are kind of, yeah, dirty. Like the lyric change in Rock Me. Instead of singing "Rock Me (hit the pedal heavy metal show me you can)" we (the fans) are going to sing "Fuck Me (better, harder, faster, show me you can)". LOL. If everyone else does it I'll just go with the flow. During Moments, Little Things, Over Again and when they are talking everyone has to shut up. I mean be…

Locked Out of Heaven

Hahah, maybe I am a little slow but Bruno Mars (real name Peter Gene Hernandez) is coming to Stockholm in November. Yeah! It could be cool to see him in London on October 8th, which is birthday. I just want to sit there, be in the crowd and sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Seriously, fuck he is hot. LOL. But it would be fun to be a part of that, singing "Happy Birthday" I mean. But he's coming to Stockholm so, maybe I'll get my chance to meet him then. Damn, then, OMG! I want to meet 1D too next week. OMG! Some dad won the TV3 meet and greet with 1D and he's going to bring his daughter. Well, fuck him! I mean it is sweet it really is but, damn it I want to meet damn! Hello I am the same age as then and I believe that we could have a lot more fun. Whatever, I just want to meet those damn cuties! I don't care if it is for 10 seconds, or even 3 seconds. I want to meet 1D.

Seriously, if you want to go the Bruno Mars concert with me hit me up on facebook, e…

Nothing But Respect

Okay, let's blog and don't get distracted. LOL. Easier said than done sometimes. Hahah, you know what, um, sometimes I start a post space out or get distracted for a while and forget about the blog. Then I see the tab and get remind. I mean sometimes I just see get distratced because someone post something on Bieber that I just have to watch. I mean it's Justin Bieber!

Talking about Justin Bieber, did you hear what he did at his concert in Turkey just now? OMG, nothing but respect for this kid! He stop the concert because it was praying time in the Mosque. No one expects him to do that but he does! That's why I love him so much he always goes the extra mile to make sure that his fans are having the best time. I will always love Bieber and always respect! And when he brought that little girl up on stage in Moscow! Like awwww! Everything that he does for his fans! Seriously, I am for real now, if someone hates on Bieber I take it personally. It takes every fiber in my bo…

1D Frenzy

Okay so I am sitting here trying to come up with a good dare for the "Ask One Direction a question!". I want to choose something really good so that it will be picked. Seriously that would make my day! My night! LOL! I am thinking so hard. Even if I come up with something that I think is very original it won't be chosen because I never win concert tickets, m&g, or get chosen for a cool things like this. Like, forever alone. That's my autobiography. All you need to know. Sad but true. LOL. If you are going to a One Direction concert on their Take Me Home Tour you can send questions here I am going to send them more questions and dares to them. I mean 'cause then I have a bigger chance that they might chose one of my questions.

OMG! I don't what to wear to the concert. I mean should I wear my 1D baseball shirt and the hoddie over it or should I wear something nice! I mean the 1D gear is hot but I …