YOLO! I have been kinda half spamming the fandom groups with my youtube channel and the links to monologues. LOL. I want to know what people think. Like seriously. I am kinda desperate for that right now. Also and I want people to watch them. So far I haven't got any negative feedback. The only good feedback that I have gotten so far is likes. Pretty please watch my monologues on youtube, I made blooper video today, I posted it today to be correct. I thought that it was going to be funnier but the bloopers weren't that funny. Hmmm, the one with Niall Horan is. LOL.

My next monologue is going to be from Mean Girls. I hope people like it. I started studying the lines today. I am going to post the monologue on youtube on Friday. I have memorized the monologue before. Half memorized it. Everyone loves Mean Girls. It's a freaking classic! LOL. Hopefully I'll do a good job.

your writer, Erika


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