Hi what's up! Gosh, I have been home day working on this stupid essay. Gosh, it' so freaking boring. I mean I rather do something else (like hanging out with Bieber) but I signed up for this and I am going ti finish this which means I also have to do the work. YOLO (not that that really makes any sense in this context).

Haha, anyway next week awaits more exciting things, like the One Direction concert. Woop woop! I wonder if everyone is going to do all of the crazy things that has been decided to do at the concert. By everyone I mean the Directioners (including myself). Some things are kind of, yeah, dirty. Like the lyric change in Rock Me. Instead of singing "Rock Me (hit the pedal heavy metal show me you can)" we (the fans) are going to sing "Fuck Me (better, harder, faster, show me you can)". LOL. If everyone else does it I'll just go with the flow. During Moments, Little Things, Over Again and when they are talking everyone has to shut up. I mean be respectable and listen to them.

your writer, Erika


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