A Cinderella Story

Everybody "YOLO!". LOL. I am kind of bored. Bored. I can't wait for next Saturday though! Yeah! Where We Are Tour ticket release! London here I come! It's going to be insane! Near 100 000 people. That's a massive crowd! I am so excited for them! Hopefully I will be that successful in whatever I choose to do with my life. Hopefully. I just got to work hard and believe in myself (which I very hard, I am my biggest critic and I give myself very hard critic). LOL.

Oh yeah, I guess you want to hear a little bit more about my life than me declaring my love for One Direction over and over again. LOL. But I just LOVE them so much. Like, yeah! Anyway back to my life, I mean this blog is after all called "Erika's World" and not "One Direction's World". I bet I would have a lot more readers if I blogged about 1D instead of myself. Damn, I did it again. Okay, for real this time. MY LIFE.

Today I went to a casting agency and got my pictures taken for them. They took all of my messurements and everything. Hahaha. I also got a little business card or whatever you should call it with my measurements and my clothing size, shoe size and all the sizes they need to know. When ever I am going to a casting I am supposed to bring that card with me. Exciting. They even asked for my weight. I don't even know what I weigh. I mean, it doesn't really matter what I weigh more what I look like, in my opinion. Next week, on Thursday I am going to another casting agency and doing the same thing. YOLO. I mean I am taking every chance that I can to do, hmmm whatever I am doing. LWWY. YOLO.

OMG. Yeah, um, yeah, so, yeah I post my monologue on youtube earlier. Hmm. I will be doing one next week too. I hope people think it's good. I mean this is they way I chose to go with it and there are a million roads for it. I really don't remember how Hilary Duff does it in the movie but this is how I chose to do it. Erika Style(s). Everytime, I can't stop it.

your writer, Erika


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