My Future Has 1D

OMG! I forgot to blog yesterday. Oooops! I don't know I guess that I got caught up in something else. YOLO. Hahaha, anyway. I don't know what to write. Hmmm, awkward. Lalala. Life of a directioner who's got one thing on her mind (yolo, I laughed so hard at that, only will directioners get that). I love looking at 1D pictures on instagram. YOLO. I don't follow any accounts I just click on my own tags and see what other people have uploaded. So funny.

OMG. I found this funny thing where you type in five crushes, five cars, five colors and so on. I did it, my five crushes were the boys from 1D. LOL. Anyway look at my result. LOL. Liam this is what is in our future. It's fate, so why not get together now? Seriously, can you imagine Erika Payne, doesn't that sound good. Hmm, I'll ask my 1D family.

your writer, Erika


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