Nothing But Respect

Okay, let's blog and don't get distracted. LOL. Easier said than done sometimes. Hahah, you know what, um, sometimes I start a post space out or get distracted for a while and forget about the blog. Then I see the tab and get remind. I mean sometimes I just see get distratced because someone post something on Bieber that I just have to watch. I mean it's Justin Bieber!

Talking about Justin Bieber, did you hear what he did at his concert in Turkey just now? OMG, nothing but respect for this kid! He stop the concert because it was praying time in the Mosque. No one expects him to do that but he does! That's why I love him so much he always goes the extra mile to make sure that his fans are having the best time. I will always love Bieber and always respect! And when he brought that little girl up on stage in Moscow! Like awwww! Everything that he does for his fans! Seriously, I am for real now, if someone hates on Bieber I take it personally. It takes every fiber in my body not to punch that person or just cry. I say, if don't like Justin then shut up, unless you want the same kind of hate from over 38,5 million Beliebers. I am just saying. Okay all of them might not hate but alot of them will and some Beliebers are very (and I mean VERY) protective of Justin.

your writer, Erika


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