Where We Are

I am obesessed with Conor Maynard's performance at Radio 1's Big Weekend. Seriously that man is a genius! I just love seeing him perform live. It's through a screen but it's live. I wish that I could have been there at iTunes Festival in London last fall to watch him perform live. I had to manage that I was in Santa Barbara and watch the performance live on my computer. He was amazing. I loved iTunes Festival. Conor, Jessie J, One Direction. Hmm, I can't remember who else I watch? Yeah, JSL who Conor opened for but who opened 1D and Jessie J? I don't remember. Oh, I want to go back there. One day, one day. Hopefully soon. LOL.

This is the last week of school for the semester! Hell yeah! Sweetees what are y'all doing this summer? Yeah, Imma call ya Sweetees, got a problem with that hmmm. Nah, I will call you that unit you come up with something better. Plus I think it's cute! So, my question - what's everyone doing this summer? Me, I don't anything planned so far. I mean yeah work so that I can earn some money for next summer for when I go to London. I mean I don't just want to go there for the concert and then back. I mean I can because it's so close but I want to see some things that I haven't seen in London. You know. I can legally drink there, I couldn't really do that the last time that I was there. I was 13. Oh, incase you're wonder which concert, One Direction Where We Are Tour. Duh! So obvious! Like obviously! LOL!

your writer, Erika


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