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Spring break

Tomorrow is that last day of school before spring break! Yeah! Next week (april 6th) is my birthday, I can't wait. I hope I get something I want. I usally do, so I don't think it is any worries.
   Now I am just chillin to the french version of Justin Biebers song One Less Lonley Girl. I love that song. I know he is from Canada but I didn't know he could french. That is so cool! You can listen to the song here. It is really great.
   I posted a new video on youtube were I read a poem (or something that way) I wrote today. I got bored so I wrote it. Make sure you go and check it out right away. (I do not want to sound ego but I look so cute at the end of the video.)

your write, Erika

Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go

It´s a Miley party

I am sitting her an writing an essay about Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus I realize that I can't write stuff (good stuff of course) because I don't know her. It would be weird if I wrote it. I think my teacher would say that I should not have written it.

your writer, Erika

Justin Bieber asks Alexa Chung out and kills his guitar

Jersey Shore

Before I start I just got to say that there is no good looking guys living in that house. Mike, or "The Situatuion" as he likes to call himself, his abs as UGLY. It is to much going on there.
   Ok, here I go: We got to watch the first episode of Jersey Shore in school at media literacy class. We were watching it because we are talking about TV history now and we were going to she how much reality shows have changed through the years.
   It was fun to watch, but I won't watch it on TV. I have better stuff to do then to watch Jersy Shore. I got to say that I felt sorry for Nicole "Snooki" (or as the others called her Snickers). She had problems. Sorry little girl.

your writer, Erika.

Bieber fever

I have been hit bad with the Bieber fever! He is so cute and he has an amazing voice! I have got my friend Linda to like him.
   Yesterday when we in the studio I played videos with him all the time (it was on purpose - I wanted her to realize how cute he is). When I went to ask our teacher she turned on One Less Lonely Girl and said the she knew he was singing to her.
   Today she asked me if I had givnen up on Jesse McCartney and I said never. I will never give up on my (other) baby! It is just that I have a new celeb crush now.

your writer, Erika

Go and buy Justin Biebers cds My World, My World 2.0 or My Worlds NOW!

Are You Ready?

For Hannah Montana Forever? It premieres in July! I can't wait, but it is sad that it is the last season of Hannah Montana. The show has brought my life so much joy. I am gonna miss it so much. It is good that it isn't the end of Miley Cyrus.
   I have just finished watching Wizards On Deck with Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. On thing that annoyed me was that they didn't use the opening sequence that were made for the cross over episodes. That was the only thing.

your writer, Erika

Need to breathe

I am sitting here and think about a few pages I need to read in a book for tomorrow. Boring! Yeah, yeah.
The good thing is that it is two new episodes of The Simpsons tonight at eight pm on TV6. I am looking forward to that. Oh, on friday it is The Wizards On Deck with Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. I have already seen those episodes but I am going to see them on friday.

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. The whole reason I made this post is that I wanted to tell you about a song called Stones Rushing Under Water by Needtobreathe. Listen to it NOW!

Miley says goodbye

Right now I am watching Miley Says Goodbye? part 1 and 2 on youtube. It is sad that the next season (nr 4) of Hannah Montana is the last one, but we all knew it had to come to an end some day.
    I am actually writing an analysis on Hannah Montana for my media literacy class. I have written 1,5 pages so far. I am going to write more, but I have to ask my teacher a few thing first.

your writer, Erika.

Make a Wave by Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato

Low day by Capra


Finally fiday again. Legend Of The Seeker on TV6 at 8 pm, that is a must. I am supriesed that I like that show, because I usually don't watch that kind of TV shows. You know what kind of shows I watch and they are nothing like LOTS. I don't like medieval stuff, I atcually think it is knid of geeky. I have wonderd a few times if it makes me a geek because I like LOTS.
    I watch it because ther is nothing better on TV. If there where, lets say, a Hannah Montana Marathon with all three seasons I would watch that. I can have amarathon with the firts two seasons because I have them on DVD. After that I could watch the movie. That actually sound like a great idea! Don't you think?!

your writer, Erika.

A quick hello

So I tried to join twitter again today and it said that both my username and email alreday had been taken. I was suprised about that. I tought I had deleted my account. I logged in with the same username and password I hade before.
There was a message saying I had to reactivate my account. I tried and tried without success. If I don't figure it out before the end of the week I will have to get an new account.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. This is why I need twitter, to just say something quick!

Demand Jonas Brothers

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Radio Disney

I love Rdaio Disney! It is the prefect radio channel. It dosen't matter what you do Radio Disney has the music for you. If you want to party, chill or just want to listen to music. It is perfect. how much better can it get?! I don't know. Radio disney is the only radio channel I listen to.
I am listening to it right now. This morning it has I have heard Nick Jonas & The Administration, songs from the DCOM Starstuck, Allstar weekend and many other artist that I like. No other channel plays that music that I like.
OMG, I just realised that today it is a month until my birtday. I am so excited! I can't wait!

your writer, Erika

.p.s. I almost forgot: vote for your favorites at the KCA 2010!


Have you ever seen True Jackson (with Keke Palmer from the DCOM Jump In!) on Nickelodeon? I have seen a few episodes. It is ok. I love the theme song. You should listen to it. Here is a link to on youtube, click here.
Today is my friend Madde's 16th birthday! Happy birthday Madde!

your writer, Erika


Love letters keep sinking into the feild
It is like planting a seed
I watch it grow
I have never seen such a beautiful fellow
He has a halo that lights up the world
but it is swirled
What does it mean?
There is nothing I have yet seen

your writer, Erika