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A Break

Right now I am taking a break from all the studying and homework. I am just sitting on my bedroom floor and enjoying the sunshine through my window with some music (can't forget music ;).
          If you have not noticed the song of the moment gadget (what should I call it? Is gadget the right word?) you should check it out. The song of the moment is the song I listen to most at the moment. Right now the song of the moment is the whole Starstruck original soundtrack (OST, btw in Sweden ost is cheese).
          Yesterday/ today it was New Boyfriend by Anna Margret. Now it is Hero by Sterling Knight and tomorrow it will be Something About Sunshine (the duet with Sterling Knight and Anna Margret). They have also recorded individual versions of the song. Listen to the on youtube. The song is really good! It is a good-feeling-summer-song and it is going on my summer playlist (you know the one with the best summer songs).

your writer, Erika.

A quickie

It is finally weekend again! This time I can go out and enjoy the beautiful capital this country has to offer. As you know I couldn't do that last weekend because I was home and sick with a fever. Now; I am fine except for my running nose.
          I saw the preimere of Starstruck on Disney Channel last night. OMG! I loved it! I totally want the DVD and the soundtrack. I am totally gonna buy it.

your writer, Erika

Life As We Know It

Quotes By Paris Hilton

Heiress, Yes I am

Multitasking again! I am always multitasking, LOL!
          The last few days I have been filling out my Your Heiress Diary. I got it when I was thirteen. Right now I am filling out childhood memories. I am writing down a really special meemory. Can you guess? When I met the Jonas Brothers.
           OMG, that is a day I will never forget. 'Til this day I can still not believe that I have met those handsome brothers. I smile everytime I think about it. That day was probably a once in a lifetime thing. I will never regret it and why would I.
          Tonight I am going study for the computer science test I have on friday. I hate computer science, it is so boring. I do not tell my teacher that. I tell him that I love both his classes. I tell him in a ironic way. I am not the only onw who does it. Linda does it too.
          Everytime we see him we say "We love you", "You are out favorite teacher" and so on. He just smiles and say that he hope that we mean it…

I Am a Teenager So I Can Multitask

Right now I am tweeting, blogging (on this blog and mine and Linda's - the link is under blog worth checking out), writing an essay and watching TV. I am always (almost always) doing more stuff at once. I know I am not the only one.
          I am gonna take a "test" about music for the How To Survive blog (mine and Linda's). I hope that post will be ok. I hope you guys think so.
          I can multitask but I do not have much more to write.

your write, Erika.

Sicky Wicky

My so called BF has infected me with her cold. I woke with a fever this morning (THANKS ALOT, NOT!). It is gone now so don't worry.
          The sad thing (if you don't think about the part of me being sick at the moment) is that I had to stay home all day long while it has been about 73,4 degrees F outside. Yeah, thanks alot!
          I didn't just lay in my bed all day. This morning I started on my general science essay. I have also watched a movie, Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway.
          Anyway I got enjoy the afternoon sun. I sat on the balcony and read a book. The Princess Diaries (BTW it's the first book in the series) by Meg Cabot (she is my favorite author). I am alomost done with it. I think I am going to read out the last few pages tonight.

your writer, Erika.

The Erika and Linda Show

Up coming movies

Charlie St. Cloud

Easy A


I am studying for the final test for the math finals tomorrow. Not fun. So why I am doing it? To refresh my mind.
          Don't go around thinking I am stupid now because I am not. I am a smart girl with good grades. Ask anyone who knows me.
          For the last math final test - we had it about 2 weeks ago. It was also the first one we had. - Agnes studied by makeing a 100 math numbers in the math book. Why do she have to be such an over achiever?
          I think a lot of people see me as an over achiever. I think Linda does.
          Yesterday before school I said to Linda that I just wanted to go somewhere and be like the hell with school. She said that that wouldn't be like me. Maybe I am an over achiever?
          I don't see me as an over achiever. I see me as girl trying to do good.

your writer, Erika

Hey, Soul Sister

I have been to a birthday party today. It was fun.
          I have taken before and after pictures of my outfits.
B4                                                                                                                                    After
Summer is comming up. A big part of summer is music. Every summer there is that song the radio stations play over and over again. So I have made my own ultimate summer song playlist.

#1 California Gurls - Katy perry ft. Snoop Dogg
#2 Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus
#3 Hey, Soul Sister - Train
#4 Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha

The list is going to get longer. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. I want to '10 to be the best summer yet. '11 is going to be even better (more about that next year).

your writer, Erika

Looking Forward To

So for todays outfit I thought I should do something differnt. I mean with the picture.           I decided to take two pictures. One over the shoulder and one as I have done before. I hope you like the outfit.

Finally friday! Yeah! Ledgend of the Seeker at 7 pm, The Big Bang Theory at 9 pm and Modern Family at 9:30 pm. That's my friday night.
          Sometimes I think it is sad that all I have to look forward to is what is on tv. It is not all I look forward to, it is a big part.
          There is two cd releases I am looking forward to. Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed and Katy Perrys Teenage Dream. Katys new single California Gurls is awesome! I love it.
          An other thing I look forward to is summer vaction. I am gont to have some fun I hope. "Too bad" that Linda has to work. She got a job at a museum. I don't know as what. By too bad I mean that we can't hang out as much.
          Too bad she didn't get a job at store. It would be fun if she got a…

Todays Outfit

This is what I am wearing today. Simple. I have on earrings and a necklace but you can't see them because of the flash.

your writer, Erika

Drama in BFF land

Linda and I made a new video for our web show today. She thought that we should make two this week because we did not make one last week.           The video is called In a Soap Opera: BFF Drama. I think it is the best video we have done so far. Linda and I say that about every we we make, LOL.           If you love this video, the next one is going to blow your mind. Not that we know what it is going to be about yet. If you have any ideas we love to hear. Just comment on my blog or on myspace or on youtube or on I don't know. Just comment!          Here is the video anyway!

Here is what I wore today:

your writer, Erika.

My outfits

I thought I should post a picture of todays outfit. I am going to try to post a picture of all my outfits this week. I will be fun see for me in the future what I used to wear.
I realized a few hours ago when I was in school that it is Tuesday today. Yeah!
          I am happy because tomorrow is the last day of school for this week. YEAH!

your writer, Erika.

Yesterday and today

So I got an idea yesterday that I should post a picture what I wore yesterday and what I am wearing today.
          I think the two outfitts are different in a way. What do you think, tell me!
Yesterday                                                                                                                    Today

I saw a new episode of 16 and pregnant. It was the first episode of season two. I can't wait for the next episode that is on sunday.
          I read about the mothers from season two too see if anyone had a baby this year. There was a few that had their baby this year.

your writer, Erika.

The Erika and Linda Show - JB Rules

Lilla Augustpriset 2010

Who is in? I am, I think. I have not made up my mind yet. I am quite sure I going to enter.
          If I am going to enter I am going to start writing my short story when summer vaction starts. Which is in about two months.
          I can't believe I have (almost) made it trough a whole year in gymnasiet (it is like High School). Wow, a whole year.
          Nothing has really changed since a year ago. I am a year older, but that happens every year. I have gained some friends.
          Like Linda. She is nice.

your writer, Erika.

Reasons To Love Justin Bieber

Cant' Be Tamed music video

Crazy Mondays

Today has been the opposite to crazy. It has actually been kind of chill. I went to school and blah blah blah, just a usual your monday and then I got my assignment. I got of at 1:15 pm (it says 3:10 pm on the schedule) so that I could work on my assignment.
I am going to do it in a while.
If you are having a chill monday as I am you should watch the video below. It is a band called Varsity Fanclub and they have made a cover video of Justin Biebers music video for Baby. I think it is really good. Justin's version is better of course.

your writer, Erika.

Can't Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus


Music video sneak peek