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Blonde Girl Pregnancy Test - Funny Ad

My life

Now a days I don't log onto myspace so much. Now I am mostly here with you guys. I guess that not so bad after all. I blog about stuff and you read about stuff. I don't know what keeps you guys comming back for more. Is it that you feel that you can relate to me, I'm your daliy laugh, you love me or you are just a stalker (which I hope not).
If you keep reading my blog you will find out more about my life and how I live it.

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. I have changed my myspace profile

My oh......

I really don't know how to finish that title. There is alot of ways; Miley, my. Those two are the only thing I can come up with right now.
This week has been a unusual one. Boring, fun, cold, wet, warm, sunny, rainy and dry. I have met some new people and hopefully gaind some new friends. My new school is so differnt from my last school. Both in good and a bad way. Mostly in a good way. For a start the lunch is so much better. We eat at resturants evberyday. The best thing about that is that I don't pay for it myself - the school pays for our lunches. 2) I get to work in a professional TV/music studio (this week I just got a tour of the studio)! There is mostly good things.
At my last school the lunch sucked. Everything about it sucked! The sallad was very often frozen. It was never fresh. Just some frozen mix.
Today we saw a "TV show" and some movie the third graders made at Sollentuna Bio and we got popcorn and a soda. Cool!

your writer, Erika.

Run It - Chris Brown

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Falling Down - Official Music Video (HQ)

Stuck, stuck and stuck

Today I was stuck in the studio until 3:50 pm! It wasn't that fun I can tell you. The only thing I did ther was gettting a very short tour by one of the third graders and being in the audince for a very boring TV show by some of the students. It was so hot in The TV studio. When I had been in there a while I got used to it. I didn't think it was that warm in there but when I got out of the sudio I realaised that it was really warm in there. Beacuse the teprature in the hallway was ok. Not to warm and not to cold. It was Ok. That's all I can say.
The more I get to do all this media stuff the showbusiness don't seem to be all that glamours that it seems to nbe on TV and in magazines. What have I got myself into? I am just kidding. I like, I learn stuff like how to make a movie (writing a scrift and other stuff). Not That I have had any real lesson this week. But my english theacher told me about some tuff that we were going to were with the upcoming weeks in school. Movie…

Heidi Montag - Live performance on Miss Universe 2009

OAL Studios

Guess where I have been today? In a professional music studio and a professional TV studio! Cool, huh! Maybe it's not that cool but I have never been in one before so I was excited. I am going to have some of my classes in OAL Studios AB. One of the guys that works there and is going to be one of our teachers said that if you are really good at media production you can get a chance to work with OAL Studios AB on a real TV production! Cool, huh! I am going to work my ass of in media production so that I maybe get that chance.

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. Check out The All-American Rejects music video The Last Song

All The Way Up

HSM 4?!

I could not belivie it either after all the things I have heard! But the fourth movie will premiere in the fall of 2010. It will be directed by Jeffery Hornaday who also will choreographer. The story of the fourth movie will be a story set against the cross-town school rivalry between the East High Wildcats and West High Knights. Interesting!
But this is going to disapoint you, Zac Efron (which is the biggest disapiontment), Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and all the other wildcasts is not going to appear as the characters they played in ther previous three movies. I can't wait to see who is going to star in the movie.
I will update as often as I hear something new about HSM4!

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. The name of the fourth movie is High School Musical 4: East Meets West!

It Ends Tonight

Summer is like a really good movie. When it's over you cry. It's true! I did it this morning. Ok, it was fake but anyway I was said about it. But what is there really to cry about. I want a great job someday and for that I need an educaution. On dream job without an educaution. So I just have to "suffer" through school.
Right now I am wachting Privileged to ese the pain of haveing to get up and get to school tomorrow. New school new people. Allways a challenge.

Watch the music video for 'It Ends Tonight' by The All-American Rejects!

your writer, Erika.

Legen... wait for it... dary

How I Met Your Mother (or as I sometimes say Hur Jag Träffade Din Mamma = swedish for, yeah I think you know) is absoultely my all-time favorite TV show. At first when it started airing in 2005 (I have to admit) I hated it. I swicthed channel eveytime that show was on TV. I could screem stuff like "Why is this TV show on. I don't like it!" or "Noooooooooooooooo! Not again!"
Those days are over (thank god that I realised what a great TV show HIMYM is)! The thing I screem to the TV now is "OMG, How I Met Your Mother is on! How I Met Your Mother switch the fucking channel!" and then I start shakeing (no I don't!).
All those websites mentioned on show are real (all the websites aren't real any more but most of them). I read that on wikipeadia today (I love you wikipeadia - your my source for everything).
Barney's blog is real. You can visit it here. The website Ted Mosby is a jerk is real. Just check it out. Aslo You can read about t…

Thinking Of You - Katy Perry |HQ|

Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas - Official Video

Hayden Panettiere - Wake Up Call - Official Music Video

My Camp Rock

I was watching My Camp Rock on Disney Channel. The place where the camp is hold is on barnensö and I have been there. Two years ago with school. I hated that place. I had no indoor plumbing! Apart from the showers which were next to the sauna. So no privacy there. Not that I took a shower there. I weren't there for so long. The worst part was the toilets. OMG, it hunts me just to think about it. They were - yuck! - outhouses! Yeah, outhouses. At first I though it was practical joke. But no, no, no it was for real!

your writer, Erika.

watch a video that I uploaded from barnensö at youtube.

Send It On - Official Music Video

Jesse McCartney - OK Magazine Interview

G.I Joe: Rise Of The Cobra

OMG! I saw G.I Joe: Rise Of The Cobra today and OMG I love it. I have to get it on DVD when it comes out! The movie is so action packed that you just can't turn your head away. It is impossible I tell you! Impossible! Every single scene makes me just wanting more and more and more and more and more and - yeah you get the picture. It is the best movie I have seen all year. It is even better then Harry Potter! (If I ever wrote that Harry Potter 6 was the best movie I have vere seen (which I seem to do with every new movie I see, don't take me seriously because most of the time I don't mean it) I didn't mean it. It is a good movie but not that good.) I have three favotite movies, 1) G.I Joe Rise Of The Cobra, 2) Iron Man and number 3) Hot Chick.
At the premiere (GIJROTC, which is today) I got a carabinet torch. It is so cool. I am going to attach it to my keychain. One thing hit me when I was watching the movie that Channing Tatum has played two (of what I know of) charact…

Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA Live At Teen Choice Awards 2009

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Clothing Line TV Spot

Kiss and Tell

It's the name of Selena Gomez debut album. Kiss and Tell. It comes out september 29th this fall. The album is going to have 11 tracks and one bonus track which is going to be a new version of Tell Me Something I Don't Know from Another Cinderella Story.
A few ohetr songs that is going to be on the album is Falling Down, Headfirst, I'm Sorry, Kiss & Tell and Beautifully Disturbed. Falling Down is going to be the first single of album and it will be realesed on september 1st.
Watch the videos below, it's videos about Selenas debut album.

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. Miley Cyrus EP comes out on august 31st!



Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon

Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon

Let's Go To The Mall by Cobie Smulders as Robin Sparkle

The Apoliva gril

Adina Fohlin got bot be sponsoring metro! She has been in 3 of 3 metro newspapers this week. Yesterday (everyday metro ask reders a question and yesterdays question was about "Do you get effected by the TV commercials) one reader said: "Apolivas commercial is so sad. It is so down." and today Adina Fohlin tried to defend herslef through her agent. She says she is only doing her job. Yeah, terrifying people!
The facebook group has about 93000 members now.

writer, Erika.

Scandinavian beauty?

Scandinavian beauty - my ass! She is not even pretty - I am not say she is ugly. She Adina Fohlin is something beteewn pretty and ugly which gives her a very terrifying look. I gets scared every time that comercial is on TV. Last week when I saw the Proposal - imagine being all alone in a movie thearter - and the commercialpops up in the screen. I was all alone in the movie theater. I got screared! those 30 seconds felt like forty minutes. IT STILL HUNTS ME! No, it's not I am just kidding! But still. There is a mini article about the commercial in todays metro. It says that everyone that is scared of her should turn of the TV this fall 'cause ther is going to be more commercial with Adina Fohlin.
But if you are really really scared of Adina Fohlin there is help for you. A supportgroup (Jag är rädd för tjejen i Apolivareklamen = I am screard of the girl in the Apoliva commercial) on facebook!I have not peronally cheched out the supportgroup because I don't have facebook (I r…


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