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Kräftskiva 2013

Kräftaskiva 2013. Okay, three words to describe tonight: Never, Eating, Again. Hahaha. I am so stuffed. Feel so fat that I won't blame anyone if they asked me when I am due (I'd probably would get sad though but that's another story). No but seriously thought, so much delicious food. Okay it wasn't that much, maybe it was. It was the usual muchness that we usually have in my family at any family gathering. Hahaha. Seriously though, no joke. Plus there is always left overs. Well, I guess it's better to have to much than to little. 'Cause I mean to little would be awkward. It was fun, we were alot of people. Alot of people, hahaha, it's just because everyone has so many kids so people need to stop having kids for a while now or someone need to get a bigger place so that it won't be so crowded at Christmas, Easter and just any other holiday. Hahaha.

Pineapple pie that Sara made

I am excited for this weekend! Yeah! Tomorrow, I am going to Anton Ewald's …

This Is Special

Hi peeps. It's time for my daily blog! YOLO, it's happening. I am going to tell you something funny or not so funny. You can be the judge of that. As I was on my way home from the movie last night it hit me that I haven't had my own bedroom since I was in California. How about that! Eight and a half months, I mean 'cause I left Cali on December 13th last year. My own room! Hahaha but I am feeling the Cali ways/ habits slightly crawling its way back in. I mean 'cause I used to do my laundry once a week (it was the homestay rules, I was only allowed to use the family's washer and dryer once every week, or twice however you like to call it, I was allowed to loads every week). Then, um sometimes the clean laundry just ended up in a pile for some reason until it was dirty and time for it to be washed again. It just happened! I just didn't want to deal with all that shit when I got home from a nine hour long school day. After have had getting up at 5:30 AM. Plus …

Happy Birthday Liam Payne

A Night To Remember

OMG! Yeah! Today has been amazing! So many reason. Okay two but one of them and plenty of little tie ins because it involves One Direction. Yup, yeah babes that's right I went and This Is Us today. Probably the only person in the world that changed her outfit just to go and see a movie! Hahaha, but it is just not so "just", it's One Direction, I mean babes c'mon! Lalala! Hahaha" I had an awesome time anyway and I am already planning on seeing it soon again. Hahaha, but because SF didn't release any 3D tickets in Stockholm for the premiere and people were screaming so damn loud, you would actually think that you were at a 1D concert. Yup, THAT loud. But I get it so I don't blame anyone but it was also annoying because you couldn't hear what they were saying in the movie. Hahaha. Everyone screamed louder when they showed/ talked about Sweden. OMG, when they were camping! AKSLAFNASFAÖSM! SWEDEN! Hahaha. Yeah, I admit it I screamed, cried and sang al…

CODY SIMPSON - If You Left Him For Me [Live @ The Metropolis]

R U Crazy

I feel like this is going to be a good week! I mean it's only Tuesday (probably Wednesday when I have finished this post) but so far so good. Yesterday I went shopping, today I had dinner with my BFF Linda, tomorrow This Is Us, Thursday nothing special planned, Friday kräfskiva at Sara's, Saturday I have the whole apartment to myself (PARTAYYYYY! Hahaha no, I would never dare to have a party because I'd be like "OMG! Be careful with that.", "NO! You can't use my room! Ewww!" etc) and Sunday, hmm I don't know. I foretell a damn good week! Especially tomorrow! Yup!

So today Linda and I went to Lily's Burgers for dinner. I have never been there before but I love burgers and I gotta say I have been really tempted to try their peanut butter chocolate milkshake (which I did and OMG! TRY IT!). Since I had never been there before I only knew kind of where it was because of what I had googled. So when Linda and I went out the subway station I had no …

Conor Maynard - R U Crazy

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm

So i just finished watching the latest episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashian's and I won't watch Hart of Dixie. 'Cause believe it or not but it was actually something good on TV tonight. Idol. Well, it's the auditions, the only fun part/ part worth watching. Hahaha. I mean I just wanted to tell you all this incase you were on the edge of your seats about it. Hahaha. I mean I like Idol (the audition phase). I have seen one season (yup, ONE whole season) of Idol. It was the first season with Andreas Carlsson, Lila Bagge and Anders Bagge as judges. It was a good season. LOL, talking about Andreas Carlsson, a girl in SWD goes to a music school in Skåne that he owns and today he ate lunch at her table so she posted a picture of him eating (what looks to be soup, if I remember correctly). LOL. First I was like "WHAT?!" 'cause I didn't get that it was him but as everyone started commenting I got it. I love to meet him someday!

Oh, I went to SEPHORA today…

Family Day

Okay so I guess that there won't be any Hart of Dixie for me tonight. Hmm. I mean I found two episodes that I was going to watch but then the internet fucked up so I had to refresh the site and the the videos had to buffer again. Then like five, ten minutes ago same thing happened again and now I feel like I don't want to wait for the video to buffer again, so whatever I'll just watch it tomorrow instead. Hmm, but it's a new episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashian's then, eh I can watch both. Unless there is something good on TV.

I have had a pretty good weekend actually! Yesterday I did some necessary shopping, I told you about that and today, I went to the wonderland that is IKEA with Åsa and Alex. Seriously I love going to IKEA and just looking at all the rooms and kitchens and just everything. Hihihi. They have so many things. So much cheap things too, which sometimes makes you buy a whole lot of crap that you don't need. I am not saying that IKEA is crap…

Sweet as Apple Pie

Wow! You guys are insane! This is amazing! Thank you! I have gotten more and more readers lately. It's funny and exciting. Maybe I should be more careful about what I write. Hahaha. 'Cause, I mean sometimes I write about how I feel about like a certain person (aka a celebrity) and I get that it might sound hell of a twisted but to me it's completely normal. Normal and normal, I guess that's debatable but it what I feel and I can't help it. It's the fangirl feels and they just take over my sometimes. It's like the swoop me like a wave. No, like a tsumani. But they are huge, massive and take everything with within its course and I happen to been an object in its way. Therefore I am taken, uncontrollably and helplessly. It's out of my power. Nothing that I can do. Hahaha. I feel like have tried to explain these whole fangirl feels thingy alot of times. I don't know, a fangirl, that's who I am and I can't help it.

So how have you all spent your …