Time To Celebrate

Tomorrow I am going to treat myself. Not the biggest treat okay but I want to do something fun since Anton turns 20 and that I turn 20, four months and one day tomorrow! Yup! It's a big day of the two of us! LOL. It might seem silly but I really want to do something silly to celebrate his birthday. OMG! Is it too much? I always want to do something to celebrate any of my idols birthdays. I mean what's wrong with that? To me it's like an holiday. Yup. And seriously what is wrong with some extra fun? Nothing! I mean you should always enjoy yourself. That's what I am going to to tomorrow! Fuck yeah! It's my fucking 20 years, four months and one day birthday. Hahahahaha. Plus yeah it's Anton's birthday. Love you Anton!

Guess what I did today? I was in a movie! Hahaha. Not to over exaggerate the whole thing and just to clarify, I was an extra in a movie today. Okay so now that is all cleared out. It's an upcoming swedish movie called Karawarne. Check out the facebook page for the movie and like it so you don't miss any updates, https://www.facebook.com/KARAWANE2013!

your writer, Erika


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