A Cobweb

So have you guys seen my pictures from Nickelodeondagen yet? LOL, I understand if you did feel like looking at them all because I posted so many but I took so many so I wanted to post alot of them just to show you all how much fun I had. LOL. I mean I had an awesome time even though I am 20 and you might consider (or I guess some people do) that some something like this is for kids. I mean I only went there for the actual show even though I was there at around 3 PM when the whole event thing started. Yeah, yeah! I mean I wanted to see what was going on. Vas happenin', you know.

I love looking at picture from an event on my computer after I have transferred them. I mean 'cause when you really look at them, I mean sometimes you capture funny moments when that you didn't even notice during the live action. I don't know if you understand what I mean. I am like the worst explainer so, yeah. I captured some funny things but I decided not to post them here, but I have posted them in some of the fan groups on facebook. So yeah if you are a member of SWD (I think that's the only group that I posted a funny picture in) then you're lucky since it is exclusively for you guys. Hahaha. I mean it is exclusive if I only posted it there.

For the rest of the weekend I have no specific plans. I feel like I am pathetic. I am mean not because I have no plans but for there simple reasons for things that I don't know but I just feel pathetic because I don't know how I feel. It is all just a cobweb, or like a ball of yarn of emotions. Let me just lay in my bed and cry. I just sat here staring at the screen and cried a few minutes ago.

your writer, Erika


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