Ellioteer Love

Well, you know that picture that I posted last night of me holding my signed copy of Isac Elliot's debut album Wake Up World. Anyway I instagrammed it sating that he was awesome and that people need to grab a copy ASAP. I just did it beucause it's a fucking awesome album and Isac is a swagalicious dude!  He's a has an incredible talent that can't go unnoticed! So yeah, anyway, Isac saw that picture and commented on it. I checked my phone this morning (that is the first thing I do when I wake up) and I saw that a notice from instagram that said that that isacelliot had commented on my picture. I know that that is his username on ig but just to be sure I had to check. I like freaked out. I mean I couldn't go back to sleep. Hahaha!

your writer, Erika


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