Treat Yourself

OMG! It's almost 11:50 PM. Ooops, I better blog then. Hahahaha. Today I believe that I have treated myself. Not like a big huge great treat but I did something I wanted to do (well, i have been wanting to do one of the things since last Friday, I mean really been wanting to to it. I wanted to do it before to, wanting to try it) and enjoyed myself. LOL. I went "shopping" (or whatever you like to call it) and then I went to Joe & The Juice. I have never been there before and I have always thought that should try it but, IDK it just never have, until today. LOL. I went to Sephora 'cause I am in bad need of a new mascara and a new eye makeup remover. Sephora have the best products! The eye makeup remover is magic! I have never tried a makeup remover that I have been this satisfied with before. Magic! I am telling you. I also bought there ultra black outrageous volume dramatic volume mascara. Also the best volume mascara that I have ever tried. I prefer a volume mascara but I think that I am also going to try one of their other mascaras.

Joe and The Juice selfie :p

I ordered a strawberry and banana shake, delicious! I think that it was called a "energy shake" on the menu.

Tasty :)

LOL! I posted a picture of my shake on instagram and used the hashtag #joeandthejuice and clicked on it. Then I saw on instagram they had this magazine, so I just had to go and grab it so that I could read the interview.

I also read another chapter in Dare To Dream earlier tonight. Seriously, every time that read in that book I get emotional. I mean it's so inspiring and they are living such an inspiring life! It really makes you realize the nothing just happens. I mean if you have a dream you have to go after it, it won't suddenly be there knocking on your front door. If you have a dream chase it because it won't chase you. Right now I feel like there is only one thing that I badly want and I have never before in my life chased something like this and never chased anything this badly. I want this to happened! It's gonna happen you will see!

your writer, Erika


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