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YOLO! Finally I am here at your service. To give you what you want, a blog post. Hahaha, I mean that is why you all are here right? Hahaha. Now I am just done and finally just here for you. I have done my nails, watched an episode of Hart of Dixie and applied for two jobs. Tomorrow I have a job interview and after that I am going to pick up my This Is Us tickets! Ahhhhh! I am so freaking excited! I bought them this morning! I don't get why the tickets for Stockholm got released today? Like maybe you could have given them to us a little bit earlier and, hmmmm (a lot of people are complaining about this) why is the movie in 3D? It is just going to be in 2D in Stockholm. Hahaha, some girl in SWD called SF like four times and wrote them an angry email because she's so mad that the movie won't be in 3D. I am happy as long as I get to see the movie! That's all I care about, or what do you say?!

Oh, so now I have my tickets. Well I have purchased them, I just don't have them in my hand. Anyways, now the big problem is , what to wear? 1D gear or just look damn beautiful? I don't this is a though choice! I have a dress tough that is quite similar to the shirt that Harry wore to the premiere yesterday. So I am thinking that I might wear that. The thing is that I can't wear it until Wednesday then then and it's a cute dress. Ahhh, whatevs I can make it. I have other stuff in my closet. I'll manage (hopefully).

You know what I  I tried something new today! I tried a matte top coat nail polish. Well, I actually tried it a few days ago but the it was just on my natural nails. I tried it over a black nail polish since I have been looking for a matte black nail polish but can't find it anywhere so, yeah this is the PER-FECT solution.

your writer, Erika


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