R U Crazy

I feel like this is going to be a good week! I mean it's only Tuesday (probably Wednesday when I have finished this post) but so far so good. Yesterday I went shopping, today I had dinner with my BFF Linda, tomorrow This Is Us, Thursday nothing special planned, Friday kräfskiva at Sara's, Saturday I have the whole apartment to myself (PARTAYYYYY! Hahaha no, I would never dare to have a party because I'd be like "OMG! Be careful with that.", "NO! You can't use my room! Ewww!" etc) and Sunday, hmm I don't know. I foretell a damn good week! Especially tomorrow! Yup!

So today Linda and I went to Lily's Burgers for dinner. I have never been there before but I love burgers and I gotta say I have been really tempted to try their peanut butter chocolate milkshake (which I did and OMG! TRY IT!). Since I had never been there before I only knew kind of where it was because of what I had googled. So when Linda and I went out the subway station I had no idea which way to go. Therefore we walk in the completely wrong direction (THANK YOU SO MUCH STUPID GPS IN MY PHONE! THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING A WAY THAT TOOK US AT LEAST 30 MINUTES AND NOT 11 MINUTES THAT YOU SAID IT WOULD TAKE! Not to self: next time just use reserobot!). OMG! I blame Linda because she said to walk in that direction. Hahaha, well I looked up the place in my phone and the GPS gave us a route and I didn't know which way to walk and Linda said that we could just walk in one direction to see if the blue dot was moving in the right path. The blue dot was moving along the route it's just that the rout was way way way way of. But next time we'll know better. Oh as if that wasn't enough the stupid train stood still for 20 minutes right before Centralen (which was my station) because of something that had happened in Årstaberg (two fucking stations away) and there was another train at the platform. Annoying, I texted Linda and told her so that she would know that I might be late because I didn't know how long I might be stuck there and she said that she had heard about people who have been stuck for like three hours. I was like fuck me (well, I thought that quietly to myself). Stuff like that make me really impatient!

Hahaha. Anyways back to the burgers. So we eventually found the place. BTW the GPS in my phone and reserobot's GPS showed two different locations of the address. Hmm weird but we got there and had our burgers which is all that matters. I'll definitely go back and hopefully Jessica can come with us then. That'd be fun! OMG, as enough annoying things hadn't happened already today when card was messing with me so Linda had to pay but I have already payed her back. I don't know why it was messing with me (not funny) but I am calling my back tomorrow. I got a it right before I went to the US because the plastic was coming off around the edges and now a year later the same thing. Hmmm. I am definitely calling my bank tomorrow. I demand a new card!

OH, yeah the burgers. Hahaha, oops, my bad! The burgers were amazing! I loved mine. I ordered a veggie vegan which was basically a giant falafel. The bread was good (it was really good!), the fires were good (I didn't order fries but I tasted one from Linda, hahaha, she also tasted my milkshake and it is Linda approved). The milkshake was amazing! I have to try their oreo milkshake and their strawberry milkshake too. Yeah! It was fun having dinner with Linda. We sat outside and the view was amazing! Absolutely incredible!

Peanut butter milkshake

Veggie vegan burger

The beautiful vy

Linda and I

your writer, Erika


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