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So i just finished watching the latest episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashian's and I won't watch Hart of Dixie. 'Cause believe it or not but it was actually something good on TV tonight. Idol. Well, it's the auditions, the only fun part/ part worth watching. Hahaha. I mean I just wanted to tell you all this incase you were on the edge of your seats about it. Hahaha. I mean I like Idol (the audition phase). I have seen one season (yup, ONE whole season) of Idol. It was the first season with Andreas Carlsson, Lila Bagge and Anders Bagge as judges. It was a good season. LOL, talking about Andreas Carlsson, a girl in SWD goes to a music school in Skåne that he owns and today he ate lunch at her table so she posted a picture of him eating (what looks to be soup, if I remember correctly). LOL. First I was like "WHAT?!" 'cause I didn't get that it was him but as everyone started commenting I got it. I love to meet him someday!

Oh, I went to SEPHORA today 'cause I am almost out of their (super duper magical) waterproof eye makeup remover (it really is THE makeup eraser) and I need/ wanted (kinda mostly wanted) a new eyeshadow, hahaha so I bought a whole palette. One little eyeshadow costs 115 kr and the palette with five colors costs 190 kr so I was like "Why not?! I want more than one eyeshadow color." Hahaha, yup, that's me (this probably sounds a whole lot more funnier in my head than it does to you guys - comment if I am getting annoying). What do you think of the eyeshadows? I mean I could have gone to H&M and gotten it for like 49 kr instead but I want quality, mean yeah H&M have good makeup but I wanted something, I do like SEPHORA so okay and just leave it at that. I mean I do buy H&M makeup. Their mascara is okay and I like their eyeliner which is at the moment the only one that I buy. I mean they're cheap so why not, right? Hahaha.

I was in Kunsgträdgården today and apparently Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Stockholm spring/ summer 2014 is in full swing there. They have put up a tent in the fountain. Well they have of course drained it of water. I think so, I couldn't tell because there was this huge tent in the way. Hahaha. I am confused becasue I thought that FashionWeek always was at Berns. Hmmm, I don't know but they don't need to have it at the same place every year (or do they?). Is it always in Bryant Park in New York? OMG, I call myself a fashionista at times and I don't even know that, shame on you Erika!!! Bad girl!!

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