Sweet as Apple Pie

Wow! You guys are insane! This is amazing! Thank you! I have gotten more and more readers lately. It's funny and exciting. Maybe I should be more careful about what I write. Hahaha. 'Cause, I mean sometimes I write about how I feel about like a certain person (aka a celebrity) and I get that it might sound hell of a twisted but to me it's completely normal. Normal and normal, I guess that's debatable but it what I feel and I can't help it. It's the fangirl feels and they just take over my sometimes. It's like the swoop me like a wave. No, like a tsumani. But they are huge, massive and take everything with within its course and I happen to been an object in its way. Therefore I am taken, uncontrollably and helplessly. It's out of my power. Nothing that I can do. Hahaha. I feel like have tried to explain these whole fangirl feels thingy alot of times. I don't know, a fangirl, that's who I am and I can't help it.

So how have you all spent your Saturdays? I haven't done much. I went to Sollentuna Centrum because I needed a new lightning cable for my iPhone 5 and this time I bought a the real lightning cable, Apple's own product. Never again buying anything not Apple to an Apple product. OMG, just no (#remindertoself). Plus it just looks better with all Apple products. Hahaha.

I am really proud of my outfit today! I mean I think that I looked really hot. Woop woop. Sometimes I really do pull it off. Hahaha. What y'all think? Do I look as good as I think I do?

Jeans from H&M

Oversized t-shirt from H&M

Blazer from H&M

Boots from G by GUESS

Sunglasses from Lindex

your writer, Erika


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