Family Day

Okay so I guess that there won't be any Hart of Dixie for me tonight. Hmm. I mean I found two episodes that I was going to watch but then the internet fucked up so I had to refresh the site and the the videos had to buffer again. Then like five, ten minutes ago same thing happened again and now I feel like I don't want to wait for the video to buffer again, so whatever I'll just watch it tomorrow instead. Hmm, but it's a new episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashian's then, eh I can watch both. Unless there is something good on TV.

I have had a pretty good weekend actually! Yesterday I did some necessary shopping, I told you about that and today, I went to the wonderland that is IKEA with Åsa and Alex. Seriously I love going to IKEA and just looking at all the rooms and kitchens and just everything. Hihihi. They have so many things. So much cheap things too, which sometimes makes you buy a whole lot of crap that you don't need. I am not saying that IKEA is crap, by crap I mean stuff that you don't need but buy it because it's cheap. Like "Oh this is kind of cute." Looks at price tag, "Oh fuck it's cheap well then I just have to have it!" *buys 10 pieces just because it's cheap* I mean seriously. That is true, you buy things because it's cheap. I can admit that I have done so, and especially when you have a little more money than usual.  I mean 'cause the you get kind of cocky and say, "whatever I know I can afford this, it won't hurt me". Hahaha. Or at least that is me.

Anyways, back to IKEA. I took a pictures of a few kitchens (you know how important a good looking kitchen is to me) and bedrooms that I really liked. OMG! There was this one bedroom that had a huge bed facing this huge window over looking a city. OH MAH GAD! Like I want that. It was really cool! There was also this one kitchen with brick walls, it was just so cool. OMG! I want my own place! Hahaha, the sad truth is that I won't be able to afford or get anything nice as what I saw at IKEA today and IKEA is not expensive. Yup, but I should be happy what I've got right? Ah, I happy (well, at the moment I am more content than I am happy, the feeling shifts).

Well, I actually bought something at IKEA. A frame for my signed Anton Ewald poster! I mean just look at it! I am so happy with my purchase! Doesn't it look awesome. I also need a frame for my Take Me Home poster. But I don't know if I should get it in white or black since that poster is in light colors or maybe black because the frame that I bought today is black and it will match more then. I mean I will of course get a frame in the same series 'cause it all needs to match. Hahah, yeah I know but I am getting "older" and now my posters need frames. I mean especially the Anton Ewald poster since its signed. Yo, yeah!

It has been such nice weather today. Perfect BBQ weather! Yup, so we went to Björne's and put some shrimp on the barbie (hahaha, I need to google the meaning of that expression 'cause I have forgotten what it really means, whatevs). BBQ burgers is the best! Yum, mine were vegetarian. I mean I don't eat meat except chicken, turkey and seafood. Other types of meat it just disgusting, it doesn't taste good but I do admit that the smell of bacon is delicious. It's smells delicious! Hahaha!

OMG, my woman Miley Cyrus (well it probably wasn't Miley herself, probably someone from her management) wrote to Sweden on her facebook page! Like I have been waiting for this moment since 2006! Aaaaah! She has to come here when she goes on tour! Like AAJHDSJDHJADHDSG! OMFG! I love Miley so fucking much!

Finally today's outfit. What do you all think? It got kind of hot with the sweater so I switched to my purple Justin Bieber shirt and turned up the trouser edge.

Sweater from FOREVER21

Jeans from H&M

you writer, Erika


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