Nickelodeondagen 2013

OMG! Today has seriously been one of the best days of my life. I went to Nickelodeondagen at Skansen in Stockholm today. It was just so fucking amazing! I can't seriously describe it. I mean! Aaaah! So much fucking fun! Isac Elliot and Anton Ewald killed it! Isac was the main reason that i went, and I seriously didn't know that Anton was coming until a few days ago. So that was just a pleasant surprise! I am sitting here smiling and listening to Isac Elliot's debut album, Wake Up World. He's fucking amazing! Aaaa and I can't believe that I met him today. I mean I was like "Fuck it I am going to his cd signing!" I mean it's a once in a life time chance, or I mean when will I get a chance like this again. He' so sweet too!

Isac Elliot and I :)

It was so annoying because the whole event started at 3 PM so I wanted to be there around like 2:30 PM but when I got to Sergelstorg the streetcar was out of service and there was supposedly going to be a bus instead going from Normalmstorg. Hmm, I went there and waited and waited and waited. Where was that fucking bus? Nowhere to be fun so I decied to walk to Skansen 'cause it's really not that far from Normlamstorg. While I was walking I saw the replacement busses but they arrived at Skansen when I did. Hmmm. And then when I got to the event they only took cash and I had like 90 kr in cash so I had to find an ATM, which they don't have inside Skansen. Annyoing, I know right?! So I went to a souvenir shop and asked if I could just withdraw money there but they didn't do there but the nice person behind the cash register told me that I could just go to Solidsporten. So I went there and the guy there didn't want to do it at first but he didn't and told me not to tell anyone else. LOL. But it was so nice of him!

I took like a hundred pictures, hundreds of pictures of Anton while he was performing. I mostly took pictures of Anton and Isac. more of Anton than of Isac. If Anton wouldn't have had been there I would have had taken more pictures Isac. Anyway it is funny because. I was standing and taking pictures of Anton signing things for fans and talking to a friend. I was telling her that I took a lot of picture of Anton while he was performing, and then I made this sound of camera flashes. As I made that sound I heard someone else mimicking me, so I turned my head and it was Anton's dad. I started laughing, my friend started laughing, Anton'a dad started laughing and Anton started laughing. Aaaa. So much fun! OMG, you know what Janet Leon had a signing too and she said that she remembered me from Sommarkrysset last Saturday! How cool isn't that, she remembered me! Then I got to Isac and I asked him to sign the cd that I had bought and he did! Then I asked to take a picture of him and he posed for me. That sweet little dude. After the whole signing was done I yelled at Isac and asked for a picture with him. Hihihi. He said yes and walked towards me, so I just jumped over the fence so that i could stand close to him. He's so freaking tall! I mean c'mon! The dude is 12! After everything was over my friend and I stayed to hopefully get a picture with Anton. We got it! Aaaaa, but he was in a hurry to get to Stockholm Pride! But it was sweet that he took pictures with the fans that was there. He's always so sweet when I meet him. The sweetest guy!

My picture with Alex (one of Anton's dancers who also dances behind Eric Saade) and his autograph :)

Don't worry! I'll post more picture tomorrow. I just have to transfer the pictures from my phone to my computer first.

your writer, Erika


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