This Is Us

I watched the red carpet premiere of This Is Us earlier and I am not even more pumped for when it premieres next week. These five boys mean so fucking much to me. It's ridiculous how much the really mean to me. But they do mean the world to me, they are my everything! Even though I have never met them (yet), they have come to mean so much to me and helped me through though times. I hope that I some day get the chance to thank them for everything. I'll probably burt into tear because of all of the emotions coming at one's. I don't even care if I am like a famous actress holding my acceptance speech for the Academy Awards. I'll thank them!

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you One Direction! Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry! This is for you, for us. I almost feel like your names should be on this thing. *pointing to the Oscar statue* *cute laugh* I just want to thank One Direction! Five amazing boys, who I have never met and probably don't know who I am but thank you so so so much. I guess you don't know this but you have helped me through though times. You have made me believed in myself, made me believe that dreams really do come true. *holding the Oscar statue high up*. This is for us! 1D and Directioners, we made it! We absolutely made it, 'cause without the help from my fellow Directioners I could never have had done this. Thank you all once again!"

Hahaha, yeah something like that. But for my real Oscar acceptance speech I'll edit it a little bit. I mean so that I can better show how much the mean to me. I am bad at speeches and that stuff but when it's a love like the one I have for 1D it will all come naturally. You know.

your writer, Erika


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