Ice-Cream Crazy

Another day another blog. What to blog about? That is the question. Hahaha, no. But seriously though, I was looking at the pictures from yesterday in my phone. Why did I take like a million picture while eating a ice-cream? Hmm. I am little weird. I know why and I did take a lot. Like a lot. I went to We Are STHLM yesterday and since it was raining I went inside the big tent they had put up in the fountain, just so that I could eat my ice-cream and not get soaked. So yeah as I told you I took a million selfies while enjoying my ice-cream so one of the guys working in that tent came up to me and joking said that you're not allowed to take selfless in that sent. I mean, or at least I think that he was joking. Yes he was 'cause he laughed a little bit afterwards. I stopped but then I continued with my selfies, like no boy you can't dictate me. LOL.

Trying to look sexy while eating my ice-cream....

Hahahaha, do I look sexy while eating my ice-cream?

your writer, Erika


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