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Saturday morning

I woke up a while ago. Right now I am doing nothing special. Well, I am making a birthday cards for Caesar and Åsa. Åsas birthday is on monday and Caesars birthday is next sunday. Caesar is turning one and he is with his, parents of course, in Asia. They have been in Asia since the first week in January and they will come home the first week in April.
Today I am going shopping. I am going to check out the book sale. I love reading. Linda said that or swedish teacher had bought books for about 1500 kr. Linda thinks she is crazy.

your writer, Erika

To Linda


Love it on it's way

I am sitting here writing an report on when I was at the royal opera in Stockholm almost two weeks ago. It was not my first time there. I have to hand in the report and an argumentive essay (both of them are for my engligh class) on friday. My english teacher gives us alot of homework from time to time.
Next week I have a week of school that is going to be so nice.

favourite song at the moment: Love Is On It's Way by the Jonas Brothers

your writer, Erika

Don't let it snow

Seriously don't! It is enough already! Stop it just stop it please! I want it to be summer and 27 degrees celsius. I am "stuck" here infront of the computer doing homework. Well, I just use the computer to find fact that I can't find in my book and to listen to music. What a hard knock life!

your writer, Erika

Friday and not yet 17

Yes, no school for two whole days! Yes, yes, yes! Tomorrow I am going to watch 17 Again with my dear friend Linda, but you already know that.
Today Linda said that I gat her realy excited because I that wrote that Zac efron is super duper hot on one scene. Well, I have to admit that I lied. He looks super duper hot trough out the movie. Maybe not when he dresses like Kevin Federline. Ok, maybe he does because he is Zac Efron, he is always hot. He is more cute in that scene. The guy who plays Ned is hilarious, LOL.
Have a great weekend, love ya peace!

your writer, Erika.

2 night in a row

I have watched the Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience two night in a row. I could make this the third night but it is first Glee and then Gosth Whisperer. Maybe tomorrow, LOL. I don't think my mom would like that. I don't care! Next time I am gonnan watch the 3D version. I watched the 2D version because it was a little wierd on my DVD. I didn't know if it was because of the disc or the DVD. That is why I watched it with my mom last night in the livingroom.
Linda wants to watch 17 Againg with me on saturday so we are gonna do that. Maybe I can fool her to watch the JB movie, LOL. She has not seen 17 again that is why we are going to watch it. I told her about a scene in the movie where Zac Efron looks incredible, like super duper hot. OMG!

your writer, Erika.

Guess what....

....I am doing homework. Homework should be illegal! First you have whole day in school and when you come home you have to do some more school stuff. It is totally fair.
I know some people who read this now will think that I should be lucky to have the opportunity to go to school and that there is worse stuff going on in the world. I am lucky to have the opportunity to get an education and I know that lets say Haiti has bigger problem than I do. That doesn't mean I am not allowed to complain about it.

your writer, Erika

Valentines day

Oh yesterday I watched melodifestivalen. I only watched it because I wanted to hear Eric Saade song. he was the first one who prefomed. Yes, just like Ola was last saturday.
Anyway I didn't know he was only 19 years old. I haven't really tought about how old he is. How cares anyway. He song was amazing! Amazing! His whole preformance was really cool. The dance and the water thing at the end. As I hoped the got straigth to the finally. He got most the votes.
He looked totally chocked when they said that he got trough to the finally. It looked like he took his glas of water and poured it over himself. Totally awesome!
I tried to find his prefomance on youtube, but I couldn't. That is why I posted his new music video Sleepless. Enjoy!

your writer, Erika

Eric Saade - Sleepless (Official Music Video)

Wedding day

I would not get merried and not tell you about it. I am going to a "friends" wedding today. The wedding starts a 1 pm. I hope I can get ready before that.
I have to to my hair and my mom is letting me do her hair. I have to get dressed. I didn't buy anything new. I am going to wear a dress that I have only worn once before. I am going to borrow shoes from my mom. They are a szie too big, but I don't care because they are the only shoes that matches my dress.
I have puy up some new stuff on tradera. Calvin Klein deluxe travel collection - frangrances for women and Clarins santin-smooth body lotion. The opening bid is at 1 kr. 1 kr is the lowest you can open a bid with. Happy biding!

your writer, Erika

Drowning in homework

Today on my way home from school I met Agnes. We talked a little bit.
Now I am woriking on my report about SVT. It is so boring because I can´t use wikipedia. I am used as a source for one thing. No one has to know. My number one source right now is SVT - their website. There is alor of fact about the company and what they do and what what public service really menas. That is great but I need more fact then what is on their website. Please help me!

your writer, Erika

The Veronicas covering JB´s Burning Up


SVT stand för Sveriges Television. Right now I am writng a boring report about them. Since my swedish teacher (I have to hand this report to my media literacy teacher - who gave me the assignment - and my swedish teacher) don´t like wikipeadia because anybody can go and write stuff about anything I am trying to find other sources.

your writer, Erika


All of the sudden I am in love with the song Halo. It is because of Nick Jonas. OMG! If you have seen the video posted on Jonas Brothers youtube channel, where Nick sing a short part of Beyonces song Halo, you know what I am talking about. He should record it and Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon.
Talking about song and recording them guess who is will release a new cd this summer? MILEY CYRUS. I read on wikipeadia today. The cd is going to be called Robot.

your writer, Erika.

Valentines Day

Minimize me

I tought I should stopp by and say hello!
I saw Supersize me with Morgan Spurlock yesterday. I can´t believe that eaten at McDonalds. EVER!
It´s disgusting what you are doing to youself. I mean people that eat there. I don´t eat fast food anymore. NEVER EVER WILL I DO IT AGAIN! NEVER! I won´t lie and say that I don´t like hamburgers because I do. When I do eat hamburgers I go to a real hamburger resturant (not a fast food resturant) or pub - I love pub hamburgers - and I also make my own at home.
It is not hard! I even make my own bread to my hamburgers! It is easy and it only takes about 90 minutes (thats is including the yeast time). I can post the recipe here if you want. I can post all kinds of recipes here if you want me to.
It would never occur to me to buy something that´s pre-cooked that I can easaly make on my own. Please people!

your writer,