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Hi how are you? I hope that you are okay? So who watched the Oscars? I kind of did. I didn't see the begging or the end. Because I was watching a movie and then afterwards I decided to watch the Oscars. And then eh, it was late so I fell a sleep and the computer screen was black so either it no batteries left or it, idk but the screen was black and I was tired so I decided to continue sleeping. I did see a few things though. Neil Patrick Harris "naked run". LOL. He had underwear on so he wasn't completely naked. But very close to it.

I don't think that I could ever bee that naked on TV and feel secure about. Maybe someday. When I was watching FSOG I was just thinking that, OH HELL NO, BODY FUCKING DOUBLE! They would have had to hire a body double for me. I ain't showing no bush on the big screen like that. But kudos to Dakota for being secure enough in her own skin to do so. I mean I think that I look good but I don't need to show the world my naked body …

Homework On A Weekend

Oh hi guys! I just want to blog a little before I don't have time again. I mean I have homework to to do. I will be a lot of busy next week so I won't have much time for it then so I a trying to do most of it this weekend. Yeah! Homework on a weekend, that is the best way to spend it. Maybe not. But it's needs to be done. Eh, it's mostly vocabulary exercises and I also have to write an essay plan for my final assignment. But, I have come up with a topic for my essay. I did that last night. So at least I am on the right path.

Well, I gotta do some homework done and get weekend pretty so I should probably say bye and finish this post right now. I'll talk to you some other day. Hopefully tomorrow!

your writer, Erika

What I Like

Hi guys! I am extremely busy these days. I should not even blog. I should either do my monologues (which I have not done today and I know Fanny will yell at me for it if she finds out about that) and homework. I am too nice of a girl these day. I can't say no. LOL. Yes I can but, idk sometimes I also don't want to. Also I want to blog now but I am going to try to be very quick about it. Iii. Fast fast fast.

Have you seen Ariana's new music video? I posted it earlier tonight, so if you haven't seen it. LOL. I post music videos on my blog because I want to access them easier from my phone. I mean if I am out and about and I want to watch a certain video that I am obsessing about at the moment I just go my blog and there it is. I am lazy like that. No not lazy but some videos are hard to find, and if I post them on my blog I don't have to go through the hassle of googling them. Plus I want to show you something that I like.

your writer, erika

Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Official)


I Have Changed

Hi guys! How are you? I am good, but my back still hurts though. Other than that I am okay! Wanna know a cool thing? I am going to be an extra in an ICA commercial again! Yeah! I think that it will air on TV either week 13 or 14. I can't tell you what the commercial is about because confidentiality agreements. But I will tell you this that I met ICA Cindy aka Joanna Eriksson who I have worked with before she I was an extra on Partaj. She was super sweet! Just as sweet as I remember her! She recognised me, which was super cool. She came up to me and was like "OMG! It's you. Wow it's been a really long time!" and then she gave me a big hug. Then we watched up a little which was cool! I also met Loa Falkman who plays the new ICA Stig! He was also super nice. OMG! Best experience! One of the best anyway!

LOL. I just remembered that I have a quiz on Thursday and that I haven't studied at all! Gosh! Who have I become?! When I went to college in Cali, the first thin…

Just A Normal Saturday

Hi guys how are you all? I am good. Or maybe that's a lie. A partial lie. My back hurts, around the shoulder blade on right side. But I can't determine if it's the muscles or my right lung because every time I take a deep breath it fucking hurts. But it's must likely the muscles. Because every morning when I sit infront of my computer I sit in this weird hunched back position with my computer right infront of me. So it is not so weird that my back hurts. Hmmm, I guess that this is what it's like being in your early 20's. Your back hurting all of the time. Damn you addicting electronics! LOL. Plus I am right handed so maybe that has something to do with the right side of my back hurting. Idk, I am not a MD.

The most random thing happened today. I met an old classmate that I haven't seen or spoken too since ninth grade. It was so weird! I was doing a food demo for Pringles at grocery store and when I was done and was going to throw away my trash I didn't …

Those Fifty Shades

Oh I noticed that I didn't blog yesterday so I am doing a quick one now. Before the day has even started. Right now I am just sitting on the couch with my laptop in my knee watching The Little Couple. I have started to like that show. At first I thought is was absolutely annoying every time it came on TV (as I think with every reality show, even the housewives that I now can enjoy watching. You laugh at them and not with them. Sometimes with them.) It's like my morning show. LOL. Do you watch TV in the morning? When I lived in the US I liked to watch the Today Show or sometimes GMA.

I went and saw Fifty Shades of Grey with Fanny (pronunced funny). It was a good movie and I do hope that they make a sequel. I mean with that ending they are kind of obligated to do so. But I have seen better movies latley but this movie is absolutely worth taking two hours of your life to see. I don't know if a blu-ray copy will end up in my bookshelf but it's absolutely worth your time. I…

Stopping By To Say "Hi"

Hi guys! I just want to make a quick post before I have to leave for todays adventure. Hi and sorry that I haven't been updating much lately but I haven't been feeling well plus I have been like super busy. Like super duper busy, which I like keeping me form having out with people I really want to hang out with. LOL. I like being busy tough because I get bored if I have too much free time. Ugh! So it positive and negative too be this busy this week. I mean yeah I like having things to do but I almost don't know how to cram it all in my schedule. There are a few things that I have to do, but then there are the things I want to do. You see my problem/ dilemma! Wäääääh!

So what are you all doing this week? Are you are busy as I am? LOL. I usually have nothing to do or too much to do. But I am going to go and see Fifty Shades of Grey with a friend tomorrow. So that's one good thing to look forward too. I mean because I have no plans for Saturday, aka Valentines Day. Lonely…


Hi guys! How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was good. I spent it practicing monologues and with my dearest friend Fanny (pronounced funny). So right now I am kind of tired but I am going to to try to stay up a little bit longer because I want to finish watching this episode of Two and a Half Men. After that I am going to catch up on either TVD or New Girl. Or maybe I'll go right to sleep because sleep sounds very good right now. Go to bed a 9:30 PM on a Sunday. Hahahaha. I have gone to bed readier than that just because I am tired. Think that I am going to choose sleep. because who doesn't love sleep RIGHT!?


your writer, Erika

Busy Little E

OMG! I was gonna blog then I just kind of forgot about the time! OMG! Good thing that I remembered. LOL. I have been really bad lately. I mean at posting anything here. But I mean I do have excuses. I just have been a lot more busy lately. School. I sat until like past 11 PM last night editing a freaking paragraph! I better get a good grade in this course. I am not, or I haven't been in the past, the kind of person who stays up late and does homework. Especially on a Friday night! When I lived in the US Fridays were my homework free days. I mean just because I had some much school work deal with that I just needed a day off from all of that. And I choose Fridays. Aaaah! I miss the US. Simpler times, and also not simler times. LOL, depends on how you look at it.

your writer, Erika

Two Days Since Last

In the two days since I last posted something on this blog I have switched from Fifth Harmony to Iggy Azalea. I mean as what I like to listen to at the moment. Tomorrow it will probably be something new. It always like that, I hear a song that I become obsessed with and then I listen to it until it makes me want to puke. Yeah. Fangirl stuff. LOL, life of Erika.

So what's everyone doing this weekend? Ugh! I have too much to do! School stuff, monologues plus gonna try to put in spending some time with my friends in the mix of those two things. Okay, school and monologues may not sound like much but university is no easy walk in the park, plus monologues which is like priority number one at the moment (and which I am not practicing enough). Argh! All of this is stressing me out! Stressing me the fucking hell out! Wääääh! It will all be fine in the end, it has to be. And therefore it will be.

Gotta go to bed now. Lot of things to do tomorrow. Mwah, luv ya!

your writer, Erika

Before I Go To Bed

Okay seriously. I would like to be in bed soon so lets get this show on the road!

What have everyone been up to today? I have just done the usual. You know, monologues, school and mostly being awesome (which takes up most time in my life, it's tough being me). School was okay, just feel like I need coffee for that shit. Need to get myself a proper tumbler so that I can bring coffee to class with me. 'Cause if I don't get my afternoon coffee sometime before 15 PM I am pretty much dead. LOL, I kind of fell asleep after lunch today. Okay no not asleep, just kind of power napped or what you now should call it. I like fell asleep for two seconds WHILE watching Ellen and that stuff is unforgivable! One does simply not fall asleep during Ellen! Uhoh!

Am I the only person that does this? Like right before I fall asleep I write like a to-do-list for tomorrow in my phone. Or I mean I put stuff on notification so that I won't forget to do them the next day. LOL. It's just sma…

Fifth Harmony - Worth It (Audio)


Last Friday Night

Hi guys! Okay so hmmm, didn't I tell myself that I was going to go to bed now? LOL. I gotta post a lil something for you guys first. I haven't posted anything all weekend. I guess I have finally got a life besides this blog. Not that I love it here because I do, but it is also fun to do things in real life. Things that you can blog about. LOL. I am not going to tell you everything about my weekend but I am going to tell you that I have had fun.

I went to a birthday dinner for my friend Linda who turned 22! Old lady! LOL, no she is not old. I am also turning 22 this year. April 6th and y'all better not forget! Hahaha. No, but it was nice. We don't see each other that often now because she doesn't live in Stockholm anymore. So whenever she is in the big old city that we both were born and raised in we try to see each other. Not that she lives far from Stockholm.

Talk to you some more tomorrow! Goodnight luvies!

your writer, Erika

Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Performance