Last Friday Night

Hi guys! Okay so hmmm, didn't I tell myself that I was going to go to bed now? LOL. I gotta post a lil something for you guys first. I haven't posted anything all weekend. I guess I have finally got a life besides this blog. Not that I love it here because I do, but it is also fun to do things in real life. Things that you can blog about. LOL. I am not going to tell you everything about my weekend but I am going to tell you that I have had fun.

I went to a birthday dinner for my friend Linda who turned 22! Old lady! LOL, no she is not old. I am also turning 22 this year. April 6th and y'all better not forget! Hahaha. No, but it was nice. We don't see each other that often now because she doesn't live in Stockholm anymore. So whenever she is in the big old city that we both were born and raised in we try to see each other. Not that she lives far from Stockholm.

Talk to you some more tomorrow! Goodnight luvies!

your writer, Erika


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