Busy Little E

OMG! I was gonna blog then I just kind of forgot about the time! OMG! Good thing that I remembered. LOL. I have been really bad lately. I mean at posting anything here. But I mean I do have excuses. I just have been a lot more busy lately. School. I sat until like past 11 PM last night editing a freaking paragraph! I better get a good grade in this course. I am not, or I haven't been in the past, the kind of person who stays up late and does homework. Especially on a Friday night! When I lived in the US Fridays were my homework free days. I mean just because I had some much school work deal with that I just needed a day off from all of that. And I choose Fridays. Aaaah! I miss the US. Simpler times, and also not simler times. LOL, depends on how you look at it.

your writer, Erika


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