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Hi guys! I am extremely busy these days. I should not even blog. I should either do my monologues (which I have not done today and I know Fanny will yell at me for it if she finds out about that) and homework. I am too nice of a girl these day. I can't say no. LOL. Yes I can but, idk sometimes I also don't want to. Also I want to blog now but I am going to try to be very quick about it. Iii. Fast fast fast.

Have you seen Ariana's new music video? I posted it earlier tonight, so if you haven't seen it. LOL. I post music videos on my blog because I want to access them easier from my phone. I mean if I am out and about and I want to watch a certain video that I am obsessing about at the moment I just go my blog and there it is. I am lazy like that. No not lazy but some videos are hard to find, and if I post them on my blog I don't have to go through the hassle of googling them. Plus I want to show you something that I like.

your writer, erika


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