Before I Go To Bed

Okay seriously. I would like to be in bed soon so lets get this show on the road!

What have everyone been up to today? I have just done the usual. You know, monologues, school and mostly being awesome (which takes up most time in my life, it's tough being me). School was okay, just feel like I need coffee for that shit. Need to get myself a proper tumbler so that I can bring coffee to class with me. 'Cause if I don't get my afternoon coffee sometime before 15 PM I am pretty much dead. LOL, I kind of fell asleep after lunch today. Okay no not asleep, just kind of power napped or what you now should call it. I like fell asleep for two seconds WHILE watching Ellen and that stuff is unforgivable! One does simply not fall asleep during Ellen! Uhoh!

Am I the only person that does this? Like right before I fall asleep I write like a to-do-list for tomorrow in my phone. Or I mean I put stuff on notification so that I won't forget to do them the next day. LOL. It's just small things that I put on notification that I am afraid that I might forget if I don't write them down somewhere. It's not a lot of things. And LOL I don't always do them. 'Cause I love procrastination. (No I don't! Hate that bitch. Causes a lot of unnecessary stress.)

your writer, Erika


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