Hi how are you? I hope that you are okay? So who watched the Oscars? I kind of did. I didn't see the begging or the end. Because I was watching a movie and then afterwards I decided to watch the Oscars. And then eh, it was late so I fell a sleep and the computer screen was black so either it no batteries left or it, idk but the screen was black and I was tired so I decided to continue sleeping. I did see a few things though. Neil Patrick Harris "naked run". LOL. He had underwear on so he wasn't completely naked. But very close to it.

I don't think that I could ever bee that naked on TV and feel secure about. Maybe someday. When I was watching FSOG I was just thinking that, OH HELL NO, BODY FUCKING DOUBLE! They would have had to hire a body double for me. I ain't showing no bush on the big screen like that. But kudos to Dakota for being secure enough in her own skin to do so. I mean I think that I look good but I don't need to show the world my naked body (hmmmm, someone will probably feed me those words some day). I am still just learning all this what it exactly means to be an actor.

your writer, Erika


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