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So I have been started to work more on my booty because I kind of want a nice round behind and I don't feel like I have it. Anyway, so I found this video on youtube that I really like. I like it most because of the instructor. She is so good at motivating you even though she's on a screen and this video was recorded almost year ago. But I when I do this video I feel as motivated as I would have had if she would have been in my living room with me.

your writer, Erika

What To Eat?

What to eat? Yeah, what should you eat. Then I mean just in general if you want to be healthy happy living breathing human being. That is a tough question to answer. Every one has different prerequisites to handle different types of situations. It's the same with food. Some have allergies or deficencies that make them unable to eat certain things or that they need to eat more of something. So whenever I write something about food I mean just in general or from my own standpoint (what need or don't need). Anyways, as you already know I love to eat healthy and I do my best to get all of the nutrients that I need. I also try to vary what I eat. It makes food more fun. But sometimes you get hooked on something and eat a lot of that.

A dish that I think is really underestimated soup. Soup is so delicious and easy to make. Plus there are so many different variations. Soup, pie and risotto are a few of those dishes where there endless variations. Last nigth I made a lentil and tomato…

I Like...

I can't believe that this is out. That was a weird morning. LOL. I dom't know why but I love acting and it's so much fun but also at the same time kind of embarrassing. I don't know why but it just is. Hahahaha, just watch the video.

your writer, Erika

Lemon Water & Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi guys isn't it a wonderful Sunday!? I feel so revived! It's wonderful.

Does any of you have a hard time getting up in the morning? Are you just not a morning person? Well, that is definitely not me. When my alarm rings I get up right away because I see no point in snoozing. It's not like I am going to get that much more sleep if I snooze (unless I fall back asleep and don't hear the alarm once it rings again). So I just get my ass out of bed and get ready for work. In case you're not like me and really wish there was a easier way to wake up in the morning you should really try this. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar! Why is it so good to drink this in the morning? Other then vitamin C in lemon being a really good energy booster (which gives you the extra kick to wake up in the morning), it cleanses your body of toxins, it increases your metabolism which makes it easier for you to loose weight and it's also a really great stress reducer and mood booster. The…

I Have Mastered The Risotto

Today I have really been all over the place! I went to the grocery store, walked 5k, did booty workout session and then I went to Sollentuna Centrum because I had to get a few things. While a was there I was Khaddi Sagnia a Swedish athlete who competed in the olympics. That's pretty cool! Now I am just laying on the couch after eating a gourmet dinner made by myself. Boy and girls I have mastered the risotto. I have always thought that risotto is one of those things that's really hard to make like bearnaise sauce. It wasn't. You will now see my cooking risotto for every meal of the day! (Maybe that's an exaggeration...)

your writer, Erika

Staying Active

Hi! I am so freaking tired right now. I have like no energy on Friday nights! Today has been so stressful. I really can't wait for my colleague to get back from her trip. I had so much to do at work. I am glad I managed to get off work on time. I mean there was some things I could have stayed an finished but I left them until Monday. It won't really matter if I would have had done them today or if I do them on Monday. I'll just have more to do when I get to the office on Monday. It only really affects me.

Though it was really stressful today I managed to squeeze in my walk during lunch. It is so important that even if you have a lot on your schedule that you try to get some type of work out session done. If you really don't have time there is a ton of little everyday things that you can do. If you have one of those height adjustable desks you should raise it so that you can stand up and work. Sitting down is not got for your back so you should stand up instead of sitti…


Hello everyone! How are you this morning? I am great but a little bored because my colleague is on vacation with her boyfriend. They're celebrating their two year anniversary. I feel like I am going to die alone. Nah.

Anyway, on to why I started this post. I was thinking about what is a good snack. At work I usally grab a fruit if I want a snack because we have ton of fruit here at the office. At home I sometimes go for a sandwhich but I try to be a good and healthy girl and grab a fruit instead. Fruit is way healthier than a sandwhich and has less calories. Now I am at work and I don't have any bread here so I have started to eat a lot more fruit. I do love fruit. Right now I am a pear girl but since I started reading up on iron I have moved on to bananas. Why bananas you may ask since bananas have about twice as many calories than pears. (A banana has around 101 kcal and a pear has about 54 kcal!) Bananas are awesome! I am going to as far as to calling them a superfruit and …

The Little Things

It is actually going really well at work. We had a good talk with our boss today (the scary boss lady who is not so scary). So I am really happy. I feel really good about this job and I actually like going there. Not like like Espresso House where I used to cry the night before I had to go to work. I only negative thing about my new job is that I sit still way to much! I do try to compensate that with talking walk during lunch and talking the stairs instead of the elevator. You may not think that have any impact on your body but I do promise you that they do a lot.

your writer, Erika

Midweek Luxury

Fruit salad time! Yeah! I have the sweetest colleague how made an awesome fruit sallad with coconut quark. I have never eat coconut quark before but it was delicious. It is so going on my gorcey list. I love fruit salad or quark as a treat instead of chips (crisps as you Brits call them). I havn't eaten chips or candy in years. I do eat chocolate from time to time but c'mon it's chocolate!

your writer, Erika


Hi! I am at work right now but I just wanted to make a quick post before lunch and show this picture I took of the sky the other night. I was just laying in my bed and all of the sudden I saw the sky shone through the curtins. It was magical and I just had to take a picture.

For the feed 🌅💗☺️ #sunset #forthefeed #pretty #fromtheothernight Ett foto publicerat av ERIKA EKLUND (@eriikaworld) Aug 23, 2016 kl. 1:10 PDT

Isn't it magical?!

your writer, Erika

Nutrition: Iron

I am not a nutritionist but I do try best to eat healthy that I get all of the nutrients that I need. Lately I feel like I haven't been focusing on eating enough iron. Not that I ever focus on getting enough of anything. I really just eat what I think tastes good. Which is a lot of vegetables and fruit and all of that stuff. LOL. But I have been feeling a little down lately. I don't know if it's because I am not getting enough iron (because that is actually a symptom of iron deficiency) or just because I am in a bad mood for no apparent reason (sometimes you're just in a bad mood because you're in a bad mood and that's it). Anyways, I have been reading up a little bit about iron and what I should and shouldn't eat to get the daily recommended dose of 15mg per day.

A few shocking things that I didn't know is that your body only absorbs about 5-10% of the iron that's in your food and some foods can actually help you absorb the iron that's in your …

No Pain No Gain

Hola! I did another workout session today even though my legs are dead and barely functioning today. But I didn't die and I guess that's all that matters. Hahahaha. I was gong to go for a walk but it didn't feel like my legs could take that so I just did a simple booty exercise. I did walk to and from the grocery store. It's like a 10 minute walk there. I'll settle with that, I mean I did go pretty hard yesterday. It is fun to exercise! What motivates me is the results and then it makes it way more fun to exercise because I know I'll get something out of it. It's just not pain.

your writer, Erika


OMG, I am so exhausted. But in a good way because I walked 15km and then I did a 30 min butt and thigh exercise. My leg are petty dead right now. I want to start working out more now that I don't work at Espresso House. I mean because at Espresso House I was always moving doing this and that. Now at my new job I sit down for a large part of the day. So that is why I want to start exercising more. I talk walks during lunch but that is not enough. Plus I would also like to get a rounder butt. I just feel like I have no ass. Or more like it's disappearing. I am still going to continue my yoga because yoga is life and I don't want to loose the flexibility in my body.

Here is the yoga video that I do. It is really awesome for your body because it is not just for flexibility. It is really good for building strength in your body. Or at least the one that I do. I really do recommend this video. Try it out for yourself -!

your writer, Eri…

Office Girl

Hi! I got my own office! Well okay I have had it all along but it is finally my name on the door. That is really exciting. But so far I haven't really used it. My colleague also have an office but both of us just sit down in the reception and work down there. 'Cause then we have some company.

It feels weird now that we are on our own. There are still a lot of thing that I feel like I don't know. But we do have each other to ask for help. The guy who taught us how to do this job quit Wednesday so there was a little celebration for him. I got to go on a little field trip and pick up some cakes. I don't understand this but office people fika so much it is crazy. One of the assignments that I have is to pick up fika every Friday for the big office fika that's every Friday afternoon. Okay no really minds fika. I mean it's fika!

your writer, Erika

Moving Forward

Hi! Sorry for not posting anything last night. I was going to make a quick post while I was at work but then I remembered that I had things to do. Plus I worked my last shift at Espresso House. No one could take that shift and luckily for me it was a closing shift. Plus Emily who runs the shop in Solna C was really nice and let me start half an hour later than we agreed to. I actually thought that I was going to be more dead. But I wasn't dead at all. I am glad it wasn't stressful. It did feel weird though, like Espresso House and I wasn't a good fit. That's true. I mean if we were a good fit I wouldn't have quit. Nah, I am happy with my new job. I am so glad that my colleague and I get along so well. We sit and joke all day and help each other with assignments. I am so glad that I quit Espresso House even if I miss my old colleagues and it was a scary thing to do, but I am glad I quit. In order to grow you need to let go of toxic things and move forward.

your writ…

You've Got Mail

Hola amigos! How are you? I am good. I am always good, it's just my mood. How has your day been? Mine was good, work was fun today. My colleague and I were emailing with our boss today. Apparently she is a really serious person which makes her seem kind of scary. Yesterday she came and talked to me and told me that she was going to have a meeting with me and my colleague. I got really scared and thought that I had done something wrong. She just seemed very serious. So I was just like "Oh, now what have I done?!" So today when we were emailing with her I put a smiley face at the end of every email. I do it with everyone at work. It's just more pleasant, more kind, it lightens the mood. She was just very boring in her emails but in the last one she sent she actually put a smiley face at the end. My colleague and I was so happy that we cheered. We were just so mindset on that we were going to turn her around. Well, even though we might have made progress, we'll see …

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Hi peeps! So it's Monday and that means back to work. It's exciting because on Thursday my colleague and I are officially going to be on our own with no help. Okay we can always ask eachother and other people who work there but the ones whose job we're taking over are quitting tomorrow and on Wednesday. Ahhh, but we'll have eachother so it's fine. Our work just sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Wednesday is going to be a rough day! First I have to work at my new job and the in the evening I have my last shift at Espresso House. Well well. I'll be alright, just really tired. Hopefully it will be a calm evening. I am so glad I quit! That job is so stressful. I don't understand people who look at my resume and see that I have worked at McDonalds and think "Oh, that's a stressful job so you're good at handling stress". Eh, what?! McDonalds was a piece of cake compared to Espresso House. There was always a lot of people working so yo…

New In

Hi! Good evening everyone! How are you? I am good. I am done withe the renovation for this time. When I get my salary I will continue with this. It's just that I have to repaint the bathroom and maybe I want to repaint the baseboards. Just so that they look fresh. I think that it was the last tenants that painted them or maybe it was done before they moved in when this apartment was renovated. I don't know who did it but the person who did is such genius that they didn't paint the baseboards in the living room. I mean why? Like they're white in the rest of the apartment except in the living room. I don't understand that. Like why?

I bought a new necklace today. I had one just like it before but I accidentally broke it. I really liked it because it goes with everything. So you see I just had to buy an other one. It's an infinity symbol. I really like it because it's so simple. It's from H&M in case you want to buy one yourself.

Talking about shopping…

Renovation Time

Hi every one and sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I was at work all day and when I got home I tried to beautify myself because I was going out to dinner with a friend. When I got home I just didn't feel like blogging. I just wanted to watch Netflix.

My friend and I went to RAW, which is the best sushi restaurant in Stockholm! I am not kidding when I say that they have the best sushi in town! It's freaking delicious. And the restaurant has such a nice atmosphere. I feel like yesterday was good karma because my friend and I sat next to a Buddha statue. We had such a lovely time.

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I don't know if I've said this before but I feel like not when I work Monday through Friday the weekend feel so much more desirable. It's so nice to have to days off and I do appreciate it more and take more adverting of the free time that I have. Not that I have done anything special today. Depends on how you see it though. I have started a small renovation. J…

A Dream

Hi everyone! After four days my body is starting to get used to this new routine that I have. It feels so  nice. Yesterday I felt like I had chosen the wrong job because I felt so exhausted. Today felt better and today was actually the best day at work this week. I had a lot of stuff to do that's why. I didn't do much other than help the lawyers copy a bunch of papers. But it was important because this really needed to get done.
Even though I am getting used to this new schedule I am so looking forward to the weekend! Now that I have this office job a weekend feels so much more satisfying. Plus I work longer hours now so getting two days off now is a dream. A real dream come true!

your writer, Erika

Conference Room

Good evening everyone! How has your day been? Mine has been good. I got a whole conference room to myself today while I was folding some papers. That was pretty cool. I felt important. Nah, it was just because it wasn't enough room for three people in the little receptionist office. So my colleague booked me the biggest conference room. Hahahaha.

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Sleepy Girl

Hi everyone! I am so tired. This getting up at 05:30 am is getting to me. I don't know how I did it in college?! The days when I had classes I used to get up at 05:30 am and then stay up until like midnight. I mean I had classes until like 5 pm and when I got home around 6 pm I used to do homework for about two hours before I actually did anything. Then I ate, watched some TV and blogged until midnight. I kind of miss how dedicated to school I was. Well, it was a good school and I liked going there so that made it easy. Eh, I'll get used to this new schedule. It just that I am not used to get up until like 8 am or later. Like when I worked at Espresso House I rarely had shifts that started before 1 pm. When you start work that late you can pretty much lay in bed how long you want to and let your body wake up on it's own. But that doesn't mean that I am a person that snoozes. When my alarm rings in the morning I get my ass out of bed no matter how much it hurts. I just …

New Week, New Job

Hi! So big things today! I actually started a new job. So much fun and exciting. The only thing that I miss from Espresso House is that this job is very sedentary. So I think that I am going to start taking walks during my lunch break. If I do that I don't have to take walks when I get home from work. I like to move around and be fit and healthy. This will totally solve my cardio problem. not that I had a cardio problem just that I wanted to include it more in my work out. Taking walks during my lunch hour will solve that problem.

I'll tell you more about my new job later this week or next week. I mean because this week me and my new colleague are just going to learn everything about everything that we are going to do. It is a lot of new things. It is kind of scary but also a lot fun. You have to take these risks in life in order to grow as a person and learn new things. I am scared but I am excited for this.

your writer, Erika

This Is My Version of a Heartbreak

Sunday Thoughts

Hi everyone! How are you? To me Sunday is like a sad day because you know that next day is a Monday and a new week and then you have to get back to work, school or whatever obligation you have. I need to stop looking at it like that. I actually have some new exciting things starting next week. I am kind of nervous but change is good because it helps you grow. I am really praying for this. I'll tell you more about next week.

Today I have actually done a lot of stuff that I have been putting off for a while. I folded the laundry, ironed some clothes and I am going to go up on the attic and leave some stuff there (I haven't done it yet because I just did my nails and don't want to mess them up). I mean come on I folded the laundry! I never do that. It usually goes on my body, in the laundry basket, in the washing machine, on the drying rack, back on my body and the cycle starts all over again. Sometimes it touches the floor between the drying rack and being back on my body. I…

With Love Lilly

I am not just all about food you know. I am also about hot and sexy underwear! Yeah! There is something about sexy underwear that makes you feel really powerful and good about yourself. Even though no one but myself knows that I am wearing it's something about it. I mean an outfit can make or break your day and for me an outfit isn't just the outer layer that visible to everyone that makes the outfit. It is also that first layer, your underwear, that is included in the outfit. For me that doesn't mean that I match my underwear with what else I am wearing. But I do match my underwear. Like whenever I buy a new bra I always buy matching panties.

The other day I found this instagram account (@with_love_lilly) with gorgeous underwear. It turns out that they have a webshop where you can shop till you drop. They have the most cutes bralettes and bodysuits! I die for this stuff. I mean who doesn't love to be sexy?


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Organic Green Lentil Lasagne

More food. I know but a made a delicious organic green lentil lasagna. Yummy! Lasagna is one of those dishes where you can free style a lot. The meat sauce you can do exactly how you want. I like to have a lot of vegetables and since I don't eat meat I use qourn mince or soya mince. But I do prefer the taste of mourn over soya. I just fry up the qourn mince with whatever vegetables I have in the fridge and my own tomato sauce. Sometimes I use creme fraiche instead of béchamel sauce. The creme fraiche gives a bit sweeter taste. If you use creme fraiche you should either use fresh lasagna plates or pre boil them.

your writer, Erika

Red Face

Hello my little darlings! Today I have been at work. It was so embarrassing though! OMG! I worked in Solna today where I work occasionally when they need extra help. The girl I worked with today I had never worked with before but she looked really really really familiar. So I thought that we had worked together before. I mean because where would I otherwise recognised her from? Right. So I said that to her and she was like "We went the barista training together!". The it hit me that that was it. LOL. When she said that I immediately remembered her from there. Sometimes I wonder about my memory.

your writer, Erika

My Dinner

I love cooking because I love good food. As I've said before my body is my temple. Tonight I made something very simple for dinner, potato gratin with a simple salad.

your writer, Erika


Hi every one! Tonight I have been a totally wifey! But where is my husband though? Anyway, moving on. As  said I have been a total wifey. I have been cooking and baking. LOL. I made more of my own delicious granola and I made some bagels. I didn't have any bread at home so bagels it was. Bagels are so easy to make yourself! I love making my own bread and my own granola (which is also super easy to make and my granola recipe is one of the few recipes I know by heart). Actually doing so can bee time consuming but so worth it because the you know exactly know what it contains. And I like being healthy and knowing what I put in to my body. My body is my temple so I do my best to be my healthiest.

your writer, Erika

Drivers ED

Good evening! Right now I am actually a little tired. I have been at work all day and when I got home  I decided to study a little bit for my drivers license. The most optimal thing would be if I could get my drivers license within a year. Idk how fast things like that actually goes. I guess I have to study hard for the test and get a lot of driving practice. That's the only thing I can think off. Hard work always pays off. So I just got study study study. 

your writer, Erika