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Hi! Good evening everyone! How are you? I am good. I am done withe the renovation for this time. When I get my salary I will continue with this. It's just that I have to repaint the bathroom and maybe I want to repaint the baseboards. Just so that they look fresh. I think that it was the last tenants that painted them or maybe it was done before they moved in when this apartment was renovated. I don't know who did it but the person who did is such genius that they didn't paint the baseboards in the living room. I mean why? Like they're white in the rest of the apartment except in the living room. I don't understand that. Like why?

I bought a new necklace today. I had one just like it before but I accidentally broke it. I really liked it because it goes with everything. So you see I just had to buy an other one. It's an infinity symbol. I really like it because it's so simple. It's from H&M in case you want to buy one yourself.

Talking about shopping - I bought a new bag the other day. I was just surfing Zalando, not looking for anything special or to buy anything. I was just looking you know as you do and the I came across this bag from Ralph Lauren (it's Lauren Ralph Lauren if you want to be picky about it, but it's still Ralph Lauren!) and just had to have it. So I clicked the add to cart button and now it's mine.

your writer, Erika


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