What To Eat?

What to eat? Yeah, what should you eat. Then I mean just in general if you want to be healthy happy living breathing human being. That is a tough question to answer. Every one has different prerequisites to handle different types of situations. It's the same with food. Some have allergies or deficencies that make them unable to eat certain things or that they need to eat more of something. So whenever I write something about food I mean just in general or from my own standpoint (what need or don't need). Anyways, as you already know I love to eat healthy and I do my best to get all of the nutrients that I need. I also try to vary what I eat. It makes food more fun. But sometimes you get hooked on something and eat a lot of that.

A dish that I think is really underestimated soup. Soup is so delicious and easy to make. Plus there are so many different variations. Soup, pie and risotto are a few of those dishes where there endless variations. Last nigth I made a lentil and tomato soup. It was delicious and super easy to make (took about 20 minutes). I did kind of almos panic when was making the soup! I didn't have any bouillon. I though I was going have a bland soup but then I had the genius idé of using organic taco spice. Sounds weird yes but the soup didn't taste like tacos at all! It just made the soup take more. I didn't use all of the spices in the recipe because I didn't have them at home, but here the recipe if you want to try it your for yourself - http://mittkok.expressen.se/recept/blixtsnabb-linssoppa-med-tomat/ :)

your writer, Erika


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