OMG, I am so exhausted. But in a good way because I walked 15km and then I did a 30 min butt and thigh exercise. My leg are petty dead right now. I want to start working out more now that I don't work at Espresso House. I mean because at Espresso House I was always moving doing this and that. Now at my new job I sit down for a large part of the day. So that is why I want to start exercising more. I talk walks during lunch but that is not enough. Plus I would also like to get a rounder butt. I just feel like I have no ass. Or more like it's disappearing. I am still going to continue my yoga because yoga is life and I don't want to loose the flexibility in my body.

Here is the yoga video that I do. It is really awesome for your body because it is not just for flexibility. It is really good for building strength in your body. Or at least the one that I do. I really do recommend this video. Try it out for yourself -!

your writer, Erika


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