Sleepy Girl

Hi everyone! I am so tired. This getting up at 05:30 am is getting to me. I don't know how I did it in college?! The days when I had classes I used to get up at 05:30 am and then stay up until like midnight. I mean I had classes until like 5 pm and when I got home around 6 pm I used to do homework for about two hours before I actually did anything. Then I ate, watched some TV and blogged until midnight. I kind of miss how dedicated to school I was. Well, it was a good school and I liked going there so that made it easy. Eh, I'll get used to this new schedule. It just that I am not used to get up until like 8 am or later. Like when I worked at Espresso House I rarely had shifts that started before 1 pm. When you start work that late you can pretty much lay in bed how long you want to and let your body wake up on it's own. But that doesn't mean that I am a person that snoozes. When my alarm rings in the morning I get my ass out of bed no matter how much it hurts. I just see no point in snoozing.

So now I am just sitting here watching TV because I am actually too tired to study for my drivers license. I have studied so hard lately that I really don't need to study today. I deserve a break. I work hard but it's important to know how to relax. It's good for your health. Maybe I can study tomorrow at work if I have some extra time.

Oh, I took a walk today during my lunch hour. I walked past Stadion and down Valhallavägen. It's so beautiful there walking down the centre of Valhallavägen. I just love being surrounded by beautiful things. It is very inspiring and motivating! I think that I am going to take the same route tomorrow.

your writer, Erika


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