Renovation Time

Hi every one and sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I was at work all day and when I got home I tried to beautify myself because I was going out to dinner with a friend. When I got home I just didn't feel like blogging. I just wanted to watch Netflix.

My friend and I went to RAW, which is the best sushi restaurant in Stockholm! I am not kidding when I say that they have the best sushi in town! It's freaking delicious. And the restaurant has such a nice atmosphere. I feel like yesterday was good karma because my friend and I sat next to a Buddha statue. We had such a lovely time.

I don't know if I've said this before but I feel like not when I work Monday through Friday the weekend feel so much more desirable. It's so nice to have to days off and I do appreciate it more and take more adverting of the free time that I have. Not that I have done anything special today. Depends on how you see it though. I have started a small renovation. Just little touch me up for my apartment. I would like to switch this apartment for something else, but for some one to want my apartment I have to make it a little bit more desirable. So just some small stuff. So far I have just switched the weather strip for the front door. It needed to be done. I stil have a few thing I need to do but I'll cross that off my list tomorrow.

your writer, Erika


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