Moving Forward

Hi! Sorry for not posting anything last night. I was going to make a quick post while I was at work but then I remembered that I had things to do. Plus I worked my last shift at Espresso House. No one could take that shift and luckily for me it was a closing shift. Plus Emily who runs the shop in Solna C was really nice and let me start half an hour later than we agreed to. I actually thought that I was going to be more dead. But I wasn't dead at all. I am glad it wasn't stressful. It did feel weird though, like Espresso House and I wasn't a good fit. That's true. I mean if we were a good fit I wouldn't have quit. Nah, I am happy with my new job. I am so glad that my colleague and I get along so well. We sit and joke all day and help each other with assignments. I am so glad that I quit Espresso House even if I miss my old colleagues and it was a scary thing to do, but I am glad I quit. In order to grow you need to let go of toxic things and move forward.

your writer, Erika


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