With Love Lilly

I am not just all about food you know. I am also about hot and sexy underwear! Yeah! There is something about sexy underwear that makes you feel really powerful and good about yourself. Even though no one but myself knows that I am wearing it's something about it. I mean an outfit can make or break your day and for me an outfit isn't just the outer layer that visible to everyone that makes the outfit. It is also that first layer, your underwear, that is included in the outfit. For me that doesn't mean that I match my underwear with what else I am wearing. But I do match my underwear. Like whenever I buy a new bra I always buy matching panties.

The other day I found this instagram account (@with_love_lilly) with gorgeous underwear. It turns out that they have a webshop where you can shop till you drop. They have the most cutes bralettes and bodysuits! I die for this stuff. I mean who doesn't love to be sexy?

Check out With Love Lilly on social media:
Official website: http://withlovelilly.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Withlovelillyintimates
Twitter: https://twitter.com/withlovelilly
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/with_love_lilly

your writer, Erika


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