Staying Active

Hi! I am so freaking tired right now. I have like no energy on Friday nights! Today has been so stressful. I really can't wait for my colleague to get back from her trip. I had so much to do at work. I am glad I managed to get off work on time. I mean there was some things I could have stayed an finished but I left them until Monday. It won't really matter if I would have had done them today or if I do them on Monday. I'll just have more to do when I get to the office on Monday. It only really affects me.

Though it was really stressful today I managed to squeeze in my walk during lunch. It is so important that even if you have a lot on your schedule that you try to get some type of work out session done. If you really don't have time there is a ton of little everyday things that you can do. If you have one of those height adjustable desks you should raise it so that you can stand up and work. Sitting down is not got for your back so you should stand up instead of sitting down. It's not just good for your back it's good for your butt if your trying to tone it to make it more round. Another thing you can do is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You know cardio plus your working those thighs and that butt of yours. What I do when I am climbing the stairs is that I squeeze my butt muscles. That is also really good if you want to tone your butt. The main thing is that you should really remember to stay active through out the day.

your writer, Erika


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