Hello everyone! How are you this morning? I am great but a little bored because my colleague is on vacation with her boyfriend. They're celebrating their two year anniversary. I feel like I am going to die alone. Nah.

Anyway, on to why I started this post. I was thinking about what is a good snack. At work I usally grab a fruit if I want a snack because we have ton of fruit here at the office. At home I sometimes go for a sandwhich but I try to be a good and healthy girl and grab a fruit instead. Fruit is way healthier than a sandwhich and has less calories. Now I am at work and I don't have any bread here so I have started to eat a lot more fruit. I do love fruit. Right now I am a pear girl but since I started reading up on iron I have moved on to bananas. Why bananas you may ask since bananas have about twice as many calories than pears. (A banana has around 101 kcal and a pear has about 54 kcal!) Bananas are awesome! I am going to as far as to calling them a superfruit and I will tell you why!

A banana have about 9 mg of vitamin C which is 11,3% of the daily recommended intake. Remember that witamin C will help your body absorb the iron that is in your food. Vitamin C has the superpower of reducing the presence of free radicals that are known to cause cancer. Bananas are also very high in fiber so if you have diarreah or if you're constipated it's the thing to eat. I would say the best thing about bananas is that children under the age of two who eat bananas have a lower risk of getting astma and leukemia. Isn't that awesome! What a superpower! As if that wasn't enough bananas also lower your risk of getting colorectal cancer. So what are you waiting for?! Go and eat a banana!

I am eating a mashed banana with some cardamom :)

your writer, Erika

In case you want to fact check me here are my sources:


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