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Goodbye 2013

Hmmm. Hi. So you know or I mean do you remember, that I told you that my earphones weren't working? That the sound only works in the right one. Really weird. So earlier today when I was folding my laundry I decided to listen to music in my iPhone. I had come to terms with that earphones weren't working properly, annoying but that is what is. Okay so anyway, I didn't really think about it at first but then it hit me that I wasn't annoyed by the sound. I mean that it was only coming out from the right side. So I slowly took out the right earphone and really concentrated on listening with my left ear and, magically it sounded perfect. The left earphone was working! Magiclly! IDK how but it was working. So I expressed my joy to my mom and saying it was the magic of Bieber since I was listening to him and she just looked at me. Anyway so now that I was going to listen to music on my computer it wasn't working, I mean only the right earphone was working so I thought that…

Apples & Carrots

Hi, hola, hello, hej. How are you doing? I am good, except (hahahaha) my earphones broke and I can't find any earphones that work. None in this little apartment works. OMG. It's so annoying. But I am going to buy this little thing tomorrow that might fix this problem. As if that wasn't enough the lightning cable is acting up again. OMG, seriously, that's one of this things that I have to buy like every other month. Okay maybe not that often but often, a few times a year. I remember this summer, I bought this lightning cable at Kjell och company and after two weeks it broke so I went back to the store and got a new one. That lightning cable also broke after two weeks and so I got a new one. Can you guess what? That mother loving cable broke after also broke after two weeks. By that point I had lost my patient so I just demanded my money back. Hmmm, I am not sure exactly what I did now that I think about it. Anyway, I know that I swore that I would only buy Apple product…


Hi guys, so I finished Conor's book! Oh my God my life is over! Like huh?! I need more, I crave more of him. I want more Conor. Fourtunetly I have all of his music in my phone and I also got One Direction's book Where We Are for Christmas so I will begin reading that book tomorrow. I felt that I learned a lot about him as a person. I also feel like that there was a lot in the book that I didn't know but I have only been like a hardcore fan since last summer but still. I hope that I am all caught up now. Aah, I will have to go into fangirl mode tomorrow and dig up every little thing there is about Conor on this world wide web. If I could found when his flight from Stockholm to London left, believe me I'll find out the small hidden things. Hahahahaha…. that was just a coincidence, in a way. When Conor was here in September a Mayniac who met Conor tweeted when Conor's flight left because some guy who worked with Conor had told her. So that's how I found out.

That …


Hi! So I continued reading in Conor's book today. Just so unbelievably awesome! What a sweet life he seemed to be living. I mean when he moved to London, like he got to be in the recoding studio everyday and still kind of be a part of that uni lifestyle. I mean visit his friends in their halls, go to popular places where all the uni kids hang out. I mean it sounded pretty sweet in a way. But he complains about in the book that he kind of relied on his friends at uni for a social life since he didn't know anyone in London, that he was pretty much alone without them. Except for that it all seems pretty sweet. I really recommend that you buy his book, Take Off. You won't regret it. It's really good. I really hope that I get to meet him again. He's just, I mean I am a really huge fan of him. I have about 30 pages left but I'll finish that tomorrow, this is a book that you latterly have to tare me from. The only reason that I put it down is because I really need to …

Conor Maynard - Next To You ft. Ebony Day (Chris Brown Cover)

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Still On The Ground

Hi guys! How are you? I am good I have done much today except for doing laundry and taking a long walk with Merlin. I really don't like taking long walks with him. Like I was already going for  a walk and my mom asked me if I could bring him since she was going grocery shopping and I guess she didn't want hime to be alone, plus I guess he hadn't really been out for a while. So, IDK, I brought him. I mean, yeah, I love him he's a nice dog but like, you can't keep a steady pace with him because he likes to sniff things and all of the sudden he just starts to run like a maniac until the leash pulls him back. Like it's just easier to take a long walk on your own. Like Merlin and I went for an hour and a half long walk. I like long walks. I mean it's relaxing and freeing. And sometimes not so much. It's only nice if you're alone.

I have been reading some more in Conor's book Take Off. Oh my God it's just so incredibly good! Like I am just learnin…

The Day In Between

Another post. Another day in Erika's world. So what have you all been up to? I haven't done much today. Basicly just chillin' at home, reading more in Conor's book. It's really good, but I feel like a big bluff has been called. I mean like I first of all I thought Anth was British. Well, I guess I just assumed that because Conor is British. And second, I thought that did all the cover together like in the same room but no. Conor did his bits and sent them to Anth who edited his and Conor's bits together. Like, whaaaat?! My mind has just been blown. Like I am mind fucked. Yes, Conor Paul Maynard your book mind fucked me! You mind fucked me! Thank you for fucking me. LOL.

No but other than that, I went to the movies with my mom. We saw Last Vegas. It was good. It was fun  to see all of those actors in a different movies. I mean like this is not the type of movie you expect to see De Niro, Freeman or Douglas in. Well, not me anyway. Hahahaha. That movie just made …

The Gift

Hi guys and sorry for being M.I.A. for the last two days. Well, not totally M.I.A. because I have been on twitter, instagram and tumblr but I just haven't been updating from here. Sorry if you missed my badly but like Monday was the day before Christmas Eve and so I had to get a lot of things done. I got up early (7 AM if you call that early) so that I could go grocery shopping with my mom to buy all of the Christmas dinner food. My mom made me get up early so it wasn't entirely my choice. Then I had to bake all day and by the end of the day I was too tired to even think about this blog, plus I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to write about. I didn't have a flow/ a thought that I could spin a blog post from. It was just empty, not empty but just not something I felt like. Whatever. So yeah yesterday was Christmas Eve so then I was busy playing Christmas. I just didn't feel like I wanted to blog yesterday. I wanted to take it easy (hahahaha).

Yesterday w…

Time Is Money

Hola mi amigos! What's up? Hahaha. I am fine. It's Christmas in two days. Yeah! are you all ready for Christmas? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Sadly I am not. I have one gift left. Plus my mom is making me get up early tomorrow to do all of the Christmas food shopping. Why early? Seriously I don't mmd standing in line for a while. I am a fangirl, so I am used to waiting (#sadly). Hahahaha. Plus  have been on the set of a few TV shows and movies by now and you will never understand the true definition of waiting until you have been on the set of a movie/ TV. You don't know how true that is. Once I was on a set of this TV series and my call time was 4 PM. It was really important that all of the extra was there no later than 4 PM because otherwise we might not get to be an extra. So I stressed to get there. Like right before I left the house the sipper on my shoe broke so I had to change shoes. I stressed so freaking much so that I wouldn't be miss the tr…

Lack of a Better Imagination

Yo! I made my very own almond paste for the first time today! It was really easy. I also made nutella but I have made that before. I am going to make a Christmas candy called "Mozart kulor" tomorrow so I just wanted to try to make my own almond paste just to see how easy it was and to learn how to do it. The most annoying thing was to peel off the peel on the almonds. I mean to took a few minutes. It was just boring.

Oh my God you guys! Like I am so freaking bored right now! I mean seriously I could go to bed to just because I am bored. My boredom has led me to looking through pictures from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. I don't now but for some reason I had a thing where I always took selfies of myself in the mirrors in the WC at the movies. For some reason the WC was always, well often anyway, empty so I just snapped some pictures. Hahaha. I am looking at all of my selfies from SB and IDK they are awesome, I mean hmmm I don't know how to say this in english (it sou…

Merry Christmas 2 Erika

Merry Christmas to Erika! Yes indeed! Conor Paul Maynard followed me on twitter earlier tonight! I mean like what just happened?! Like, this to like unreal or something. Like whaaat! I still can't believe it, whaaaat! I never get followed during follow sprees. I never thought that he would follow me but he did, like what?! Conor I owe you my life now! Honestly I mean it. Thank you! This will beat any Christmas present, unless it's his book. He seriously made my life. Plus how freaking unbelievable isn't it that he followed me today because it has been three months since I met him! Three months today and he freaking followed me! Conor freaking Maynard. Mah God! Thank you so much!

I am a really good procrastinator at times and when it comes to certain things, for example cleaning my computer desktop. Like it's way too messy, too many pictures. I need to put them in a file or just throw them away. I can't have it like this. Hmm, I am trying to clean it as I am writing…


Oh mah god guys! I went and saw Justin Bieber's Believe tonight. Oh mah gad you guys I thought that I had just lost the ticket but I just found it. I was next to me on the bed. How it got there I have no idea. Anyway, sidetrack, moving on. So I went and saw the movie tonight. It just hit me that I was at concert number four out of 162 shows during the Believe Tour. Amazing. The movie was just as amazing, if not better. It was just truly unbelievable and the atmosphere. I mean the atmosphere was just wow, just like at a concert! Yeah people were screaming but it wasn't like at This Is Us. People didn't flip out. The screamed but it was uncontrolled fangirling. IDK but people were respectable. Aww, at the end people went of on the little stage at the front and started dancing and just having an awesome time. I was on the balcony but of not I totally would have joined all the other Beliebers and dance like it was the last night of my life! Hell yeah! Like if you haven't s…

Getting In The Spirit

Okay so I will try to make this quick because I have to go to bed in like less than 30 minutes. I don't have to but I would like to be in bed by 11 PM because I have to get up at 7 AM because I going to be an extra in a new tv-series that is premiering this spring/ late winter. I really have no idea when it premieres but I think that it is in the early spring or something like that. It's going to be fun. I got the call earlier today if I wanted to be an extra and first I hasetated because Believe premieres tomorrow and it would totally break my heart if I had to miss that but then the woman on the phone said that it was going to be between 10 AM and 2 PM and that I am okay with. Hmm, yeah. I mean I can be okay with is they are a little late but preferably no later than 4:45 PM because the movie starts a 5:45 PM. There is this Belieber fan meet up before the movie but any tv shoot trumps that plus it's Baluba that produces this show so I like to stay on their good side so t…


Heeey, peeps you know that I am on a lot of other social media sites right? I mean I am here but I am on youtube, twitter, instagram, tumblr. Hmm, I can't remember if I am on any other site. [wait let me check my phone] [ooops, got distracted by Glee, NOW checking my phone] Oh yeah, I am on keek and a bunch of others that I barely use anymore. I have had this blog the longest, nope, I have had youtube longer. Hahahaha, I just check youtube channel and I created it like four days before this blog. LOL. You know why I created a tumblr? I did in high school, I felt that to many people that I know read this blog and I just wanted another safe place to write what the fuck I wanted. I just blogged about something that I didn't feel comfortable about blogging about on Erika's World, I mean here (since they're both called Erika's World). But if you are trying to find out what that was, don't worry because it's all deleted and my tumblr is now more of a fangirl tumb…


Hola mi amigos! How are you? I am good, except from the fact that I have become obsessed with the Fifth Harmony's Better Together. I mean come on! Like, wow! I just love it so much, and the spanish version Tú Eres Lo Que Yo Quiero. Also freaking amazing! I can't stop listening to it. I switch between the original version and the spanish version. Like, i want to listen to other songs but none of them are as good. Aaah, it will pass in a few days. Hahahaha.

Hmm, I need to do something about my tumblr. I mean I need a new theme, now it's all white and boring. I need something, like a splash of fun. I want it to be more tumlry if you know what I mean. Hmm. I mean I am not a big tumblr person but like I still want it to look fab. OMG, tumblr people look so fab. Like I want to be a fab tumblr person. Mohahahaha. No, I mean not "no" as in I don't want to more as in I am not. Ah, I can get there if I really want I mean anything that you want bad enough as you need ox…

Fifth Harmony Performs 'Better Together'

Union J - Loving You Is Easy

Are You a Mayniac

So he um, like yeah, please request Conor Maynard's R U Crazy at Swedish radio station and in your own country for that matter to. He deserves way more attention than he gets! He has way more talent than the world gives him credit for. I just spent the last half hour requesting the song at different radio Swedish radio stations, think that I might hit up the some American radio satins tomorrow since the sing has now (finally) been released in the US. I am going to show him my love. He deserves this. Hahaha, oh my God, did you watch his live stream earlier? Well, I did and someone asked him aha what was the worst Christmas gift he had gotten Jack. Jack answers in the background that Christmas gift he got from Conor last year was pretty lousy because Conor had bought him a car but the insurance was so high to the car got taken away from him. Naww, poor Jack.

Oh, yeah don't forget to watch Settman på plats tomorrow on SVT1 at 8 PM. I will be participating in a prank. I can't …

Austin Mahone - Banga! Banga!


You know what! I am almost finished with the Christmas shopping. I only have one present left to buy and then I am all done! Woop woop! I bought presents to all of the kids today, I mea the ones that I had left. That feels good, so now I just have one present left to get. I feel like, when am I going to queeze that in? Hahaha, I do have time, this weekend and I do have a little time next week after work since I only work from 7 AM to 11 AM. I have time on Friday next week but Thursday is all booked for Justin Bieber. Believe Movie. That is going to be so much fun! Before the movie a few of us Swedish Beliebers are going to have a little meet up. It's always fun to meet Beliebers because they are always so nice and welcoming (so are Directioners, but we are talking about Justin now). We are just going to meet up at McDonalds or something and talk and just get to know each other better. Like I am so excited for the movie! Like go Justin, go Beliebers! It's our fucking day!

My mo…


Hello! So I am home after an other days work. I mean yeah, I worked this morning between 7 AM and 11 AM and then I worked tonight between 5:45 PM until almost 9 PM. Two totally different jobs. Maybe not that different. Hahaha. You just have to see for yourself. I mean My 7 to 11 (hahahaha, 7Eleven) job is just me and two other people handing out flyers for Tolv Stockholm and tonight I shot a thing for Settman på plats. Watch Settman this Saturday on SVT1 or on SVTPlay at 8 PM an you can judge for yourself. It's weird but I wasn't tired at all on set today. IDK but I mean I was so fucking tired last week when I sat in the audience for Settman. Well, well.

OMG so the pre-sale for Miley Cyrus concert in Sweden next year started today and GC (aka golden circle) is already sold out. GC is, hmm, well it's the best tickets on the floor. IDK know but they seem very desirable. I was thinking about getting GC but I guess I have to settle for an other ticket. Haven't decided yet.…

It's Tough

OMG! Hi, what's up? Me, not much or well yeah, um, I am just looking at tickets for Union J's TV Screens + Magazines Tour. Not that they are coming to Sweden or anything, just looking to look. I so want so want to go. I just, hmm, IDK. Just wish that they would come to Sweden. I love them so much. I want M&G, I mean come on they are cheap for M&G tickets. Only £132,95, that's not even 1500 kr. Like c'mon! Well, I guess that I'll get my chance some day (hopefully soon).

OMG, I can't believe that I first I am working from 7 AM to 11 AM and then later into evening but that is just like two hours or so. Not really specified but that the glamorous world of TV production. Hahaha. I was so bored this morning at working like I just leaned against the wall and closed my eyes. Um, I did that partially because I was tired from getting up at 5 AM. I don't know how I am going to be able to keep my eyes open tomorrow night when I have to work. I mean last week wh…

Like a Wrecking Ball

Partaj! Yeah. Well, maybe no since it was the season finale. Anyway, it was a funny episode. My favorite sketch in Partaj is probably Keeping Up With The O'Neills. It's a spoof of (you might have guessed it by the name) Keeping Up With The Kardashians mixed in with a parody of the Swedish Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O'Neil, plus the Swedish Prince Carl Philip and some made up characters that are supposed to be Chris's relatives. LOL. It's really funny. I found one of the sketches on youtube. Check it out!

Now on to Høllefjord High, the sketch which I am a huge star of. Hahaha, no I am just a simple extra in Hølle. I feel lucky to have gotten to chance to be in Partaj. I feel like I have got a foot on with Baluba (the production company that produces Partaj). Like today the called me and asked me if I wanted to be in an other "sketch" that they are shooting this Wednesday. I can't tell you so much about it other than that it will air on TV…

Perfect Gifts

I feel like I should do this now before it gets to late. Hahaha. Tomorrow the alarm rings at 5 AM again. Work, work, work. So yeah I'll blog about Partaj tomorrow so for now you just have to settle about my day and my thought at the moment. Hahaha.

You know what?! I am getting stressed about all of this Christmas shopping, like I am not done yet with getting gifts to everyone. There is 16 days left and I have four people left to get presents for. Okay um, lets just eliminate the days that I am working (even though it's only four hours a day but I get up to early to really care about the rest of the day when I get off work), so that makes it 10 days. 10 days left to find the "perfect gifts". Fortunately I took two people off my list of people to get presents for. I ha my mom with me as my consultant. Hahaha no but I was going to get this thing for Linda and my mom suggested that I might get something else instead and yeah I did.

your writer, Erika

Hunting You Down

Hello! Hi. Yeah, I am here, tonight, again. Yup and you just keep on coming back. I got you wrapped around my little finger. Hahaha. IDK but thank you for reading my blog for whatever reason. Hopefully you read my blog because you actually like it and not just to check up on me to see if I am up to any funny business.

I finally bought new winter shoes today! Yeah! I love them, I thin that they are totally gorgeous but my friends in SWD don't like them. I mean because last night I posted a picture of the boots and asked everyone if they thought that they were nice but everyone who commented on the picture said no. I kind of wanted to scream "FU no one cares about your opinion!" and "Who asked about your opinion!" but I couldn't do that since I actually asked them. Well yeah I could but it wouldn't have made sense. Hahaha. Anway I am in love with my shoes and that's whats matters since I am the one who will be wearing them. They fit will all my jacket…

Winter Not So Much of a Wonderland

Hi guys! What's up? Hahaha. I haven't done much today or yeah I mean that can be interrupted 'cause I have actually done a lot. So the joke's on you or something. Nah but I did some laundry this morning, then I went grocery shopping and then I cleaned the whole apartment. Vacuumed and mopped the floors that will say. Yup, good girl here. Hihihihi.

Today it kind of hit me like "Oh, no it's Friday!" Hahaha. Meaning that there are only two days left of the weekend and then it is Monday which means that I have to get up at 5 AM to get to work. Hashtag crying right now. No but, IDK I just don't want to get up at 5 AM that's all. I don't mind working, plus my job is very simple and I only work 4 hours a day three days a week and soon this is over, it's just the 5 AM detail. You get it? You do. Eh, whatever I just have to suck it up. Only two more weeks of this. Two more weeks, six days, 32 hours, 1920 minutes, 115200 seconds. Oh, Imma add an oth…


I am so sorry that I didn't blog last nigth but I was too tired! Like way way tired to even care to open up my computer. Like yea know, first I went to work between 7 to 11 AM (keep in mind that I got up at 5 AM) and then at 4 PM I went to a taping of Settman På Plats and that wasn't over until around 9 PM. So when I got home at around 10 PM I was beyond tired! Like beyond tired. Like I felt that i was join to fall asleep while I was at the taping for Settman. That would have been embarrassing! Thankfully I did not fall asleep. After the show there was this guy who came up me and said "hello". He was an extra in the last Høllefjord sketch. He asked me if I recognized him and at first I didn't  but then he told me that he had been an extra in Høllefjord. The I hit me that probably was an extra in the latest Høllfjord sketch but as tired as I was (seriously I was so freaking tired that I just wanted to cry, just bawl my eyes out, just physically drained) I got a li…


Hi guys. So I did my nails tonight, something that I have been telling myself to do for a few days now but to night I it. Hahaha, nothing special just painted them matte and the a gold tip. Just a little simple and chic. I have had my nails all natural for a few weeks now and I just wanted to do something with them because I, IDK I like it.

Oh my God, as you know I had out flyers for Tolv Stockholm (told = twelve) and today when I handed out flyers this guy looked at me and was like "Erika?" and I was like "Yes?" I thought that he was someone from Tolv or PS checking up on me and the other two people that I am working with. Just to see if we were doing our job right or actually at all. Anyway the he told me that he was a camera man for Partaj, he's the camera man for Høllefjord. When he told me that I was like, oh yeah that's who he is.

Oh my God I am so tired after having to wake up at 5 AM. Urgh! So glad that it's only three days a week. So that I can…

Party Every Day

Hi guys, early blog. Ha, maybe not that early since I have been putting it off for a few hours now. Well, I have been looking at shoes online for a new shoes. I need new winter boots. Like ASAP. I mean I wore my converse to work today and no. I mean they are too cold for standing outside in the cold for four hours. Like not, my shoes need heat. Hahaha. I work with handing out flyers for Tolv which is a mall but restaurants (no it's not a food court, not really) and it's located right underneath Tele2 Arena. So on my to Tolv this morning I took a picture of Globen (which is right by Tele2 Arena) because I wanted to post a picture in Swedish Beliebers. I mean, Justin had three concerts there in late April this year. I showed the picture to my mom when I came home and she said that it looks like a Christmas card. It looks pretty cool, what do you think?

Oh my God! I almost forgot, Partaj. I always post pictures after each episode. Okay. So I won't post all the pictures from l…

Sunday Night

Yo guys! Hi. How are you? Oh my God like I just saw this picture of Liam Payne and Sophia Smith and just wow! Freaking gorgeous couple! Like wow, just wow! It seems like people, well in SWD, are really warming up to her. I don't know, but people always say that she look so mad because she seems to have a constant frown. Like IDK that she should be more happy because she is dating Liam freaking Payne. IDK in this because she smiled. Maybe it's that. IDK, but they were gorgeous anyway.

So I was searching for cute boy gifs in tumblr, like why did I do that? Do I hate myself?! Like OH MY GOD tumblr boys! Like tumblr boys. Like, IDK too much too handle. Just, my gad! Hahaha, the first cute boy gifs that I saw was gifs of Harry Styles. Hahaha. He is cute though but it was just funny. Hahaha.

Like you know those photo challenges on instagram? Yeah, anyway I am doing a December photo challenge. I have never done a photo challenge before. If you want to see my picture just follow me at…


It's kind of safe to say that I have been kind of, um yeah slightly obsessed with Hunter Hayes Wanted. I am slow I know, I mean sometimes I start to like things when it's starting to become over done. Then I am like "Hey this is pretty cool!" Yup. That's me, sometimes. Hahaha, but it's a really good song. Like I am not really that big of a country music fans so that's why I have never listened to it before but the other day he was on Ellen (it was an old episode from last fall) and he performed the song andI was like, I mean just like "Wow! Like I get it now, what everyone is talking about!" So blown away but that song. It's so beautiful. Really just, wow. Listen to it (of you already haven't) and you'll know what I am talking about.

Hahaha. So I am sitting here tumblring for gifs, Niall Horan gifs to be specific because I need them for a Niall imagine that I am going to post in SWD. So many Niall feels coming, like I am not even not…