It's kind of safe to say that I have been kind of, um yeah slightly obsessed with Hunter Hayes Wanted. I am slow I know, I mean sometimes I start to like things when it's starting to become over done. Then I am like "Hey this is pretty cool!" Yup. That's me, sometimes. Hahaha, but it's a really good song. Like I am not really that big of a country music fans so that's why I have never listened to it before but the other day he was on Ellen (it was an old episode from last fall) and he performed the song andI was like, I mean just like "Wow! Like I get it now, what everyone is talking about!" So blown away but that song. It's so beautiful. Really just, wow. Listen to it (of you already haven't) and you'll know what I am talking about.

Hahaha. So I am sitting here tumblring for gifs, Niall Horan gifs to be specific because I need them for a Niall imagine that I am going to post in SWD. So many Niall feels coming, like I am not even not even. Like how is it possible for someone to be as amazing and wonderful as him. Like God! Like oh my God! Seriously though and I am listening to Hunter Hayes Wanted which I feel like is not really helping the situation. I mean I am king slightly obsessed with the two (Niall more than the song, duh). Hehehe. Plus tumblr is killing me with all it's tumblr stuff. Goodbye I am dead.

your writer, Erika


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