Perfect Gifts

I feel like I should do this now before it gets to late. Hahaha. Tomorrow the alarm rings at 5 AM again. Work, work, work. So yeah I'll blog about Partaj tomorrow so for now you just have to settle about my day and my thought at the moment. Hahaha.

You know what?! I am getting stressed about all of this Christmas shopping, like I am not done yet with getting gifts to everyone. There is 16 days left and I have four people left to get presents for. Okay um, lets just eliminate the days that I am working (even though it's only four hours a day but I get up to early to really care about the rest of the day when I get off work), so that makes it 10 days. 10 days left to find the "perfect gifts". Fortunately I took two people off my list of people to get presents for. I ha my mom with me as my consultant. Hahaha no but I was going to get this thing for Linda and my mom suggested that I might get something else instead and yeah I did.

your writer, Erika


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