Lack of a Better Imagination

Yo! I made my very own almond paste for the first time today! It was really easy. I also made nutella but I have made that before. I am going to make a Christmas candy called "Mozart kulor" tomorrow so I just wanted to try to make my own almond paste just to see how easy it was and to learn how to do it. The most annoying thing was to peel off the peel on the almonds. I mean to took a few minutes. It was just boring.

Oh my God you guys! Like I am so freaking bored right now! I mean seriously I could go to bed to just because I am bored. My boredom has led me to looking through pictures from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. I don't now but for some reason I had a thing where I always took selfies of myself in the mirrors in the WC at the movies. For some reason the WC was always, well often anyway, empty so I just snapped some pictures. Hahaha. I am looking at all of my selfies from SB and IDK they are awesome, I mean hmmm I don't know how to say this in english (it sounds weird in my head). But really tough, di I have to take pictures of like everything? Huh? I brought my camera with me everywhere. I literally captured very moment of my life there. Hahahaha. But what do you ask from me? I was new in that country and when ever I saw something that I had never seen before I was like "Oh my God I HAVE TO take a pictures of this to so every one at home!!!" Yup that was me.

Unless you don't see it, Cody Simpson is on the bottle :)

your writer, Erika


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