Heeey, peeps you know that I am on a lot of other social media sites right? I mean I am here but I am on youtube, twitter, instagram, tumblr. Hmm, I can't remember if I am on any other site. [wait let me check my phone] [ooops, got distracted by Glee, NOW checking my phone] Oh yeah, I am on keek and a bunch of others that I barely use anymore. I have had this blog the longest, nope, I have had youtube longer. Hahahaha, I just check youtube channel and I created it like four days before this blog. LOL. You know why I created a tumblr? I did in high school, I felt that to many people that I know read this blog and I just wanted another safe place to write what the fuck I wanted. I just blogged about something that I didn't feel comfortable about blogging about on Erika's World, I mean here (since they're both called Erika's World). But if you are trying to find out what that was, don't worry because it's all deleted and my tumblr is now more of a fangirl tumblr.

I feel like I need to get back to youtube. There is just on problem tough, I lack a) killer video editing software, b) a camera to shoot killer videos with and c) killer ideas. But I am figuring that if I have a and b, c will just come naturally because that i can just shoot any crazy idea that comes to mind and surly something will be a bit interesting. It has to? Doesn't it? I mean or this is more of a question, can I be a cool youtuber with my iPhone (iPhone5, just adding that) and iMovie? Or are you all laughing in my face right now?

your writer, Erika


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