Like a Wrecking Ball

Partaj! Yeah. Well, maybe no since it was the season finale. Anyway, it was a funny episode. My favorite sketch in Partaj is probably Keeping Up With The O'Neills. It's a spoof of (you might have guessed it by the name) Keeping Up With The Kardashians mixed in with a parody of the Swedish Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O'Neil, plus the Swedish Prince Carl Philip and some made up characters that are supposed to be Chris's relatives. LOL. It's really funny. I found one of the sketches on youtube. Check it out!

Now on to Høllefjord High, the sketch which I am a huge star of. Hahaha, no I am just a simple extra in Hølle. I feel lucky to have gotten to chance to be in Partaj. I feel like I have got a foot on with Baluba (the production company that produces Partaj). Like today the called me and asked me if I wanted to be in an other "sketch" that they are shooting this Wednesday. I can't tell you so much about it other than that it will air on TV this Saturday. LOL. I tell you more later this week.

 Okay, yeah so Hølle it was. While I was watching the season finale last night I just kept think of how much eyeshadow I was wearing. It just looked like so much especially when Preben and Kaj-Torvald (plus I) was looking at Lisa to see if she was okay after touching the fish. It just looked like much then, 'cause when I looked the the slefie that I took on set that day it looks okay. Hahahaha. Here are the pictures anyway.

The poisonous fish...

That my hand holding the glass, JIC you were wondering…

Hahaha, did you see Miley Cyrus little guest appearance in Partaj last night? LOL. Talking about Miley she is coming to Sweden next year on May 30th with her Bangerz World Tour. So fucking excited! I have been waiting for this year for like seven years now! Seven fucking years! My oh Miley! My girl, my homie (I wish) is coming to MY hometown next year!

She came in like a wrecking ball….

your writer, Erika


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