Getting In The Spirit

Okay so I will try to make this quick because I have to go to bed in like less than 30 minutes. I don't have to but I would like to be in bed by 11 PM because I have to get up at 7 AM because I going to be an extra in a new tv-series that is premiering this spring/ late winter. I really have no idea when it premieres but I think that it is in the early spring or something like that. It's going to be fun. I got the call earlier today if I wanted to be an extra and first I hasetated because Believe premieres tomorrow and it would totally break my heart if I had to miss that but then the woman on the phone said that it was going to be between 10 AM and 2 PM and that I am okay with. Hmm, yeah. I mean I can be okay with is they are a little late but preferably no later than 4:45 PM because the movie starts a 5:45 PM. There is this Belieber fan meet up before the movie but any tv shoot trumps that plus it's Baluba that produces this show so I like to stay on their good side so that they might consider me for future project.

So yesterday Starbucks opened at TC (oh ma gad, I can't believe that I am starting to say TC…. it's like too much of a urban expression for me) and yeah so of course I dragged Linda there. I didn't drag her there we decided to meet up and get a coffee so that we could exchange Christmas presents. OH MY GAD. There was this huge line outside Starbucks and there was a barista walking up and down the line taking people's orders and writing it down on a paper and giving it them so they could just give it to the person at the cash register. I guess it was easier that way instead of people standing at the cash register forever trying to decide what to get. Hihihi. Well, I got a toffee nut latte and just because Linda had the same the barista walking up and down the like accidentally wrote down my name on Linda's order but Linda didn't care. Starbucks coffee is so good. Like the toffee nut latte, mah gad, I have been wanting to try it since I was at LHR last year.

Tonight my mom and I finally did our gingerbread house. So cool! The best one we have ever done I have to say. It's made from my own homemade dough but I bought a ginger bread cookie cutter so it's not my own design. Who cares?! Still freaking fabulous. Hihihi. Love it. What do you think of it?

your writer, Erika


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